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Gotcha – Paintball Wars – Merida area

For Evan’s second birthday party, he chose to go to Gotcha, which is the Spanish term for Paintball in the area. He actually decided that this would be his birthday party in December, but wanted to wait until Kayla came from Calgary to celebrate with him. An added bonus was that our long time friends […]

Ares walks on glass

A little while ago, I took some fantastic pictures of one of our kittens walking on the wall in our backyard. We had always heard that the broken bottles on tops of walls in Mexico were not only a determent for keeping people out, but also for keeping stray cats out of your yard. Hmmmmm, […]

Telcel Data Plan options

A  question we are continually asked here is about our cell phones and data coverage. What is the best company, who has the best coverage, what is the best price, what are all the options? I am not sure there is a single best option for any of these questions. I can tell you what I […]

Se Renta Mexico website for rental properties in the Yucatan

Wow, we have finally launched the website for property rentals on the Gulf Coast of Mexico! We are so excited to have joined with Jaromey and Heading South Vacation Rentals to help market homes in the Progreso area of the Yucatan. After living here for 3 years we are really trying to stay here forever […]

Car accidents in Mexico – Be prepared

Well, it finally happened. I was in a car accident the other day where I was driving which was very unfortunate. I thought I would do a quick post here to let people know what to expect if they are ever in a car accident and maybe some helpful tips. This is our second time […]

Rain in Progreso Yucatan

So, a question we are often asked: Does it RAIN in Progreso? Well, we are definitely located right on the Gulf of Mexico, so afternoon storms do occur but not as frequently as you would expect. When we lived in Merida for the first month of our adventure, many years ago, we began to rely […]

Spanish Lesson Course Descriptions and Schedule for January 2014

We have always taken Spanish lessons from our good friend Julie, here is her Spanish lesson schedule for the upcoming season. She is a fantastic teacher and has great lesson structure. If you are in the area, and would like to learn more Spanish, Julie is definitely one of the first teachers I would recommend. […]

Guitar Lessons at Casa de la Cultura in Progreso

Play the song as you read the text and watch the slide show. Over the summer, the boys started to learn to play guitar from their cousin Taylor in Calgary. Now that we are back in Progreso, we wanted to continue the lessons for them. Our friend, Joaquin, found us guitar lessons at the Casa […]

Chicxulub Food Bank Newsletter September 2013

We are back to helping Sharon with the Chicxulub Food Bank this year and are very excited to meet new people involved with the program. It has been an interesting two years as we watch the families involved in the food bank change and develop. Children that were newborns are now running around as toddlers. […]

Immigration information for Canadians

I have had a lot of requests recently about how to contact the Mexican Consulate in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area so I have decided to post it here for people to discover! If you have any comments or more information to add to this about your experience, please add it for future guests to […]

Fumigation in Progreso, Chicxulub, Telchac area

We met, Juan José Ordonez Magana, while doing our visa application the other day at the pier and found out that in addition to be a dog loving family who runs a dog shelter out of Telchac, he also has a fumigation business. I was impressed with Juan’s professionalism and his equipment. He came when he […]

Tae Kwon Do Progreso Beach

Evan and Noah’s Taekwondo class had a special week-end training seminar last week on the Malecon of Progreso. Professor Andri and Dan Maximiliano Pinelo,taught the class new techniques and forms. Each session was four hours but everyone loved it and they managed to keep the attention of most of the kids the entire time. One […]

Smile Specialists – Dentists in Merida

We recently required the services of a dentist for our family. Evan had a severe cavity again and part of his tooth had broken away. We decided to give the Smile Specialists in Merida, Yucatan a try. We are so glad that we found this dentist and have since been back for teeth cleanings and […]

Building a pool in Progreso centro

We recently had a 3m x 7m pool built in our back yard and we are loving it! We had received many quotes and thank everyone who gave us a quote on this project but we finally decided to use our friend Luis Cardena. You can find him by email at Luis Cardena. Many thanks […]

Roof top view of Progreso

One afternoon, when we were getting our roof fixed in Progreso, we managed to all run up the ladder and have a great view of the city of Progreso! The ladder was quite a tricky little thing to reach our roof and we actually had to have the workers fix it for us before we […]

MultiRed Computer Repair in Progreso, Yucatan

It was not long into the first year in Progreso that we were in need of computer repairs! Even though I had brought most of my IT stuff with me and able to restore hard drives that may not be accessible to many people, there are still problems where you need more help! I should […]

Evan’s 8th Bday in Mexico and Easter Week-end

Evan has been having his birthday ‘week’ since the end of March when he had his school birthday party. Because we have been on holidays now for two weeks, he has had the chance to have lots of play times with friends. On the day before his birthday we went to Peter Piper’s Pizza and […]

Cancun Beach with the Faux family

When returning our guests to the city of Cancun, we managed to have a couple of hours to play in the ocean before going for dinner. Steve, Dayna, Paris & Parker had been staying with us for an extended five days after leaving their all inclusive resort in Cancun. It was very nice to have […]

Cancun Aquamarina Hotel

On our trip to Cancun, we decided at the last minute to book an extra night at a resort instead of driving back right away to Progreso. The boys were very excited to check into the new hotel and we were off to an early start. We had stayed the previous night in the Comfort […]

Carnival 2012 Progreso Montessori School King & Queen Crowning Ceremony

On Wednesday, February 15th 2012 the king and queen of the Progreso Montessori school were crowned for Carnival 2012! This event crowned classmates Adian and Kelly as the king and queen and was a sneak peak for family and friends to see the children dance in full costume before the main parade and dance the […]

Xplosion Diversion Xtrema – Birthday Extavaganza part 1

Xplosion Diversion Xtrema! how fun is this!! After the Portugal Circus left the Chedraui parking lot in Merida, we thought it would be some time before another event was set up, boy were we wrong. Immediately after cleaning up the circus, Xplosion Diversion Xtrema moved into town. Just to give you an idea, take every […]

Planned Pethood Mexico in Progreso Yucatan – Go Team Lesley!

The 3rd Annual Free Spay/Neuter Clinic was an amazing success in Progreso, Yucatan! A new record was set in this beach town of 415 animals in one day and a two day total of 750 pets spayed or neutered. Many thanks go out to the volunteers who help make this possible. Special thanks go out […]

Cuzama Cenotes Chukanan entrance

Kayla & Ian, other than the zoo with the boys, had one other special trip they wanted to go on while on their short visit to the Yucatan and that was to see the Cuzama Cenotes. This time we drove to the second entrance instead of taking the bus from Merida, the drive was fairly […]

Centario Zoo in Merida

Evan and Noah love going to the zoo with their cousin YaYa and her boyfriend Ian and have been waiting somewhat patiently for their arrival to take them to our zoo in Merida. We did arrive a little late in the afternoon and the animal portion of the park closed shortly after our arrival which […]

Christmas 2011

Our first family Christmas in Progreso, Mexico was celebrated with Lyn’s mom who made the trip from Calgary to stay with us over the holidays. Our goal this Christmas was to concentrate on new traditions like chicken burritos and stuffed poblano peppers for dinner, family game night with the super fabulous Mexican Monopoly, and spending […]

Hacienda Christmas Party

After our tour of Izamal, we drove the ‘back-way’ to Suma to visit our friends at their new hacienda. We were supposed to arrive at 3pm, but we were late (sorry Dana!). We did text at 3pm on the dot to inform them of our decision to tour Izamal a little longer and to see […]

Christmas Visitors – Grammy Arrives in Cancun

On December 19th Grammy made the journey all by herself from Calgary to Cancun where we picked her up at the airport. The boys were very excited to travel to the airport but we have been informed now that their ‘butts’ don’t like to drive in the car for 8-10 hours a day! We drove […]

Songs You Must Learn while living in Mexico

The Alphabet Song Orale, El Alfabeto     The Pinata song! Everyone sings this loud and fast when children are hitting the pinata. Here are the words: Dale Dale Dale Here is a uTube Link for Tatiana’s full song version! listen carefully for the chorus, this is what everyone sings and the tune to sing […]

Christmas Program at Montessori Progreso School 2011

Yayyy, today was the long awaited and very much anticipated Christmas Program at the Montessori school in Progreso. Debbie and the teachers have been working for weeks now teaching the children Christmas songs and how to dance to them. This was Evan & Noah’s first ever production and we were very excited to see it […]

Christmas Decorations at Liverpool Mall in Merida

We were meeting friends at Liverpool mall in Merida yesterday and had fifteen minutes to walk around the mall before proceeding downtown. We were quite amazed at the amount of decorations in the mall and were especially impressed by the Swarovski Christmas tree. This tree was completely covered in crystals! It was really quite beautiful […]

Mexico Revolution Day November 21

Well we got all ready to go to the festivities in Progreso for the Mexico Revolution Day and we were in for the shock of our lives! While we have always been used to missing festivities here because they are too late and our kids are in bed already, we were all ready for this […]

Chicxulub Food Bank

On the fourteenth of every month Sharon, founder of the Chicxulub Food Bank, gathers her team and goes shopping for all of the items to fill the monthly ‘dispensa’ bag. David & Shirley are her shopping helpers and drive her to Progreso in their Explorer to find all the required items and load them all […]

Pumpkin Carving

Today we went to our first ever pumpkin carving contest! Yayyy, the boys were so excited and could not wait to carve out their pumpkins. After searching for hours on the internet of different items, Evan chose the Dragon and Noah choose a Pug. Of course after Evan had chosen his and it was decided […]

Montessori Halloween Party

It was Evan & Noah’s first big school party today for Halloween. Evan was Link, a character from the video game Zelda. Noah was Kai, a ninja from lego Ninjago. Both of their costumes were made by Modista Gina, a local seamstress who was recommended by Debbie at the school. Lyn just showed her a […]

Progreso Cemetario

Today, I took Evan on a little adventure to see the cemetery in Progreso before the ‘Dias de los Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) which is holiday in Mexico focusing on family and friends gathering to pray and remember their loved ones. This is a two day holiday in Mexico celebrated on November 1 & […]

Hurricane Rina – October 26, 2011

Well, we have made it quite far into the year’s hurricane season and things on the Yucatan coast have been relatively uneventful up until now. But with just over a month left in the 2011 official hurricane season, Rina is currently a Category One Hurricane and expected to hit near Cozumel and Cancun by Thursday. […]

Chicxulub Food Bank – Sharon Helgason

Shortly after arriving in Progreso we kept hearing about a fabulous lady from Canada, Sharon Helgason. She created the Chicxulub food bank in 2005 and is a great woman who is helping people care for their families. You can find more information about the Chicxulub food bank at We had the opportunity to meet […]

Dawn, Kayla & Ian coming for Christmas!

Title: Dawn, Kayla & Ian coming for Christmas! Description: Dawn has booked the tickets to come over the holiday season this year! She will be flying in on the 19th of December and the kids will be arriving on the 26th and all staying until January 4th. We are so excited to have them all […]


Evan and Noah are definitely learning more ‘moves’ at their TaeKwonDo. I am not sure they qualify as ‘moves’ but they are definitely learning. It is really quite amazing to watch them at the class, after 6 weeks they are integrating nicely into the class. Andri is a fantastic instructor, he does not know a […]

Day with Friends

Right after Holly & Rob arrived with their family we were able to meet up and spend the day catching up on our travel experiences. They are definitely veterans at traveling from Calgary to Progreso and have made the trip several times. We spent the afternoon at La Playa in Chelem, a restaurant owned by […]


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