Events – Weekly

La Bici Ruta – every Sunday (8am-12:30pm)

A stretch of more than 5 kilometers of Merida roads are closed to traffic, allowing families the opportunity to ride their bikes throughout the downtown area. The Bici Ruta goes from La Ermita de Santa Isabel, north to the San Juan Park to the Main Plaza on Calle 60, then north along the Paseo Montejo to the fountain by Burger King.

There are 4 places to rent bicycles: outside the Palacio Municipal on Calle 60 x 61, at Parque Santa Lucía on Calle 60 x 55, on Paseo de Montejo at Calle 37 beside the Monumento Felipe Carrillo Puerto, and at Monumento a la Patria. It costs 10 pesos per hour. There are bike parking areas in various places, but the bikes do not come with locks and chains, so if you plan on doing any stops whatsoever, you would need to bring your own.

There are ‘Actividades’ throughout the route, so families can attend the day, even if they do not plan on riding their bikes, walking, or roller blading through the streets of Merida. Here is a sample of Sunday, July 17th actividades.



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