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Montessori School Spring Festival Fiesta

The Montessori School had a Spring Festival this year instead of participating in the traditional Carnival celebrations. The kids were all dressed up and practiced their singing and dancing at the school for this event. Evan and Noah were very excited: Noah because he loves to dance; and Evan because he got to do cartwheels! […]

Boys first week of Soccer in Chixculub!

Yayyy, we finally found a soccer team that kind of fits with our ‘hectic’ schedule here in Progreso! By hectic, I mean something that does not interfere with laying in the hammock or our siestas – which are quite often the same thing. We are playing on a field just outside of Progreso on the […]

Chicxulub Food Bank – Sharon Helgason

Shortly after arriving in Progreso we kept hearing about a fabulous lady from Canada, Sharon Helgason. She created the Chicxulub food bank in 2005 and is a great woman who is helping people care for their families. You can find more information about the Chicxulub food bank at http://www.chixfoodbank.com/. We had the opportunity to meet […]


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