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Sotuta de Peon Hacienda tour and lunch

Wow, we finally went to the Sotuta de Peon working hacienda! It was fantastic and I hope to bring more people in the future. The drive there was quite exciting…they are doing a lot of road construction by Tecoh which is where you might have seen signs for the hacienda. Alas, there were no signs […]

Homun Grutas y Cenotes

With our out of town guests, we always like to take them over to the quaint little town of Homun in the Yucatan to experience some of the local cenotes and grutas. Cenotes are the fresh water pools that are found all over the Yucatan and are a very refreshing change to salt water and […]

Progreso Montessori School Library Trip

Today, Debbie with the Montessori school in Progreso, decided it would be a good day for the children to go see the town library. The library is located in the cultural center and is a big part of things in the city of Progreso. In our Casa de la Cultura, we have partaken in many […]

Actix Park in Merida

A family adventure park in Merida! Actix Park is great fun for the entire family. Go Karts, Paintball, Bungy trampolines, Ziplines, Extreme Obstacle Course, Aero Board, Labyrinth maze, Ball house, and more! This was a great place to go and the kids really enjoyed it. I think younger kids sometimes missed out on the items […]

La Feria Yucatán en Xmatkuil

The school field trip to Xmatkuil fair happened today. Everyone at the Montessori school loaded up in the big tour busses and headed off for the day. First stop was the circus – which was animal free this time. The circus acts were funny for the little kids and afterwards we went to the small […]

Oxkintok Ruins west of Merida

After our gruelling day crawling around in the grutas of Calcehtok we went to the nearby ruins of Oxkintok, which are located just west of Merida in the Yucatan. These ruins are great for local ruins and we were pleasantly surprised at how big the area was. We will definitely return, but next time we […]

Paseo de las Animas Merida – Day of the Dead Festivities

Paseo de las Animas. Which we translated to “passing of the spirits”. Once again we have been on a fantastic adventure to Merida to discover more things! Yes, as the boys are getting older, we have to pull them out of the house to go with us – but once they were there they very […]

Calcehtok Grutas in Yucatan Family, Adventure, Extreme Caves

Ok, when we were invited by our friends to visit some caves in the area, we had no idea what we were in for! How big could caves in Mexico be? How can there be caves in the Yucatan which is flat? Calcehtok Grutas are about an hour and a half drive from Progreso and […]

Paseo de las Animas 2014 Merida Day of the Dead Parade

We are so excited and looking forward to another Day of the Dead festivals in Merida, Yucatan this year. We were overwhelmed with kindness and generosity last year as we walked along the parade route as all the preparations were being done. It was a great experience to be there a little bit early and […]

Leones Major League Baseball in Merida

After 3 years of living in the Merida area, we finally went to watch the Yucatan Leones play ball! It was a great way to spend Mother’s Day this year and we were very happy with our seats. When we arrived at the stadium, just over an hour early, we proceeded to the ticket office […]

Rio Salvaje Water Park Merida Mexico

We finally all made it over to Rio Salvaje water park in between Merida and Progreso. After almost 3 years of driving by, Darren & Michele took the boys two weeks ago and we all took them again last week during Semana Santa school holidays. We also got to bring Leo and Antonio for the […]

Trip to the Chiapas – Palenque Ruins – Day 3

Last day of our weekend getaway to the Chiapas! After a hearty breakfast, again at the Best Western in Palenque, we were off… Well almost…we were fed and packed and waiting at the entrance for our trusty guides…and after 30 minutes of waiting for them, we called at 9:05am, and found that they would be […]

Trip to the Chiapas – Aqua Azul – Day 2

Day two of our Chiapas trip started much earlier that we would have liked after the late night of drinking the day before. But after a good breakfast at the Best Western in Palenque, we were almost on our way. Before leaving, you have to make sure you have LOTS OF COINS!! VERY IMPORTANT! As […]

Dia de los Muertos Merida, Yucatan 2013

Not only was it Halloween today, the festivities in the city of Merida for the Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, were taking place. Now, we have tried for the second time to get to Plaza Grande in Merida’s historic centro district in time to view the family altars that are set up […]

Hacienda San Eduardo Dzemul

So our second stop of the day was to visit Hacienda San Eduardo near Telchac Pueblo in a town called Dzemul. Francisco’s father brought us all to the local hacienda so that we could explore the area. I am not sure if this location is open for tours, but he went and got the person […]

Xcambo Yucatan ruins

On Sunday we had the pleasure of accompanying our friends to several locations. The first stop of the day was to Xcambo, which is located on the way from Progreso to Telchac Pueblo in the Yucatan. While these are Mayan ruins, they are not as old as some of them and apparently this site was […]

Cenote Ik Kil by Chichenitza

On our third visit to this amazing cenote, we brought our niece Angelica. Cenote Ik Kil, while being very commercial, is definitely a must see while in the Yucatan. Ik Kil is even better after spending hours at Chichenitza looking at the Mayan ruins however this time we just stopped in for a quick swim […]

Santa Elena mummies

On our way to visit Uxmal, we had a quick pit stop at Santa Elena to see the mummies. This is a beautiful old church on a hill overlooking the pueblo. Attached to the back of the church is a small museum where you are able to see the mummified remains of several children. If […]

Cenote San Ignacio

After visiting the Mayan ruins at Uxmal, we drove to the Cenote at San Ignacio for the chance to cool down from the  long hot morning walk at the ruins. This cenote is definitely worth seeing, although I would not rank it as one of my favourites. There are no discounts available here as it […]

Uxmal 2013

This year we took my niece, Angelica, with us to visit the Mayan ruins of Uxmal. We always like to explore the ruins with a guide, but this time we just explored on our own. I would definitely recommend going with a guide because there is so much history to each building that you cannot […]

Centenario Zoo in Merida with Grammy, Lisa, and Cade

Grammy always loves to see the big cats at the zoo in Merida so we made sure to take Lisa and Cade there one afternoon. This zoo is great and it is also free which is a great bonus! Keep in mind that the zoos in Merida are all closed on Mondays. We always enjoy […]

Xel-Ha Mayan Riviera with the Knight Family

What a fabulous day! Our second day of our spring break with the Knights and we went to Xel-ha just south of our hotel in Cancun. It was a beautiful day for a drive and we were really excited to show Dave, Monic, Kieran, and Payton all the sites of Mexico! After too much sun […]

Chichenitza Mayan Ruins Yucatan

We finally made it to Chichenitza! Well almost, Lyn was busy working but we went with Evan’s friend Keith and his mom Jodie who were visiting us from Calgary. We also managed to meet up with my aunt Val, uncle Barry, and cousin Alex for lunch which was fabulous. We went on a Sunday and […]

El Corchito in Progreso, Yucatan Ecological Park

Yes, right here in Progreso, we have a small ecological park called “El Corchito” and it is home to many different animals. Most common to see is the Mapache (racoon), flamingoes, different species of birds, the odd crocodile, and of course cuati. To get to this little island located just outside the town of Progreso, […]

Bici Ruta in Merida on Paseo Montejo

Finally, after trying for almost 2 years to get our butts out of bed and head into Merida to ride our bikes on the Paseo Montejo we finally did it! We joined our friends Mario and Ivonne and their kids on the Paseo and rode our bikes from one end of the road to the […]

Animaya with Grandma & Grandpa

We finally had the opportunity to visit Animaya in Merida with Grandma and Grandpa! Last year when we tried to go it was closed…it is always closed on Mondays! This year when Grandma and Grandpa visited us, we made sure to go on a day it was open. Animaya is a fantastic place to go […]

Campeche – with Grandma & Grandpa

One of the tourist type things that we did this year with grandma and grandpa was to visit the city of Campeche. I wish we had more time to explore this beautiful city but we had a little late start, then started on our drive. The roads from Progreso to Campeche were perfect! We had […]

Grutas de Che-Che-Bak and Cenote Yaxbacaltun

Wow! Instead of going for a bike ride today in Merida, we went with our friends Mario & Ivonne and their children to explore some caves and cenotes in the Yucatan. It was to be our first ‘spelunking’ adventure in Mexico and a first for Evan & Noah. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect […]

Animaya Zoo Merida Yucatan

Last week we visited the Animaya Zoo in Merida, Yucatan with Dorota, Mateus and Sophia. Dorota is actually a zoologist who worked at the San Diego Wild Animal Park with the animals and we really appreciated the comments from somebody who actually knew about the animals and the care they were provided. Animaya is FREE […]

Izamal The Yellow City with grandma & grandpa

Our third visit to the famous Yellow City was very casual as we were trying to get to our friends hacienda before the afternoon sun disappeared so the boys could play in the pool before dinner. We parked at the main square beside the horse carriages and walked directly to Restaurant Kinich. This restaurant was […]

House & Garden Tour Merida ~ behind the facade

Today we had the pleasure of going on the House & Garden Tour hosted by Keith Heitke on behalf of the Merida English Library. While we had heard fantastic reviews on this tour when we first visited Merida last February from people staying at the Cascadas de Merida bed and breakfast, for some reason we […]

Dzbilchaltun, Yucatan Mayan Ruins & Cenote

After months of driving by the sign for Dzbilchaltun, and trying to learn how to say that word properly, we finally had the opportunity to visit this tourist attraction. For some reason we had no idea what to expect and were thinking we were just going to go swim in an above ground cenote. However, […]

Uxmal – Mayan Ruins

On Sunday we made the trek to Uxmal to see the Mayan Ruins. After hearing so much about them from other people we were very much looking forward to the trip. It was a short hour and a half drive from Progreso, we even took a detour and drove through Uman which was in full […]

Merida City Bus Tour

I believe that when you have visitors to the city of Merida, it is very important to put them on the City Bus Tour. It is a tour we did when we first started to explore the city of Merida and it really gives you a grasp of where things are and some of the […]

Cuzama Cenotes Chukanan entrance

Kayla & Ian, other than the zoo with the boys, had one other special trip they wanted to go on while on their short visit to the Yucatan and that was to see the Cuzama Cenotes. This time we drove to the second entrance instead of taking the bus from Merida, the drive was fairly […]

Yellow City – Izamal with Grammy!

On December 23rd we woke up and had a great breakfast before starting our very eventful excursion. We drove to Izamal, the Yellow City, which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Progreso. Evan had been wanting to return to the Yellow City since our first visit as he had found the ultimate table […]

Izamal ~ The Yellow City

Izamal is the Yucatan’s “magical” town. The Mexican government considers a town to be magical if it is rich in historical tradition, it must be located near tourist sites, accessible by good roads, and above all there must be a sincere attempt by the locals to develop the entire town into a magical place. Izamal […]

Cafe Peon Contreras

On Saturday, October 29 we went to Merida to see the Dia de los Muertos festivities. The restaurant Lyn chose was located right off Calle 60 where the procession walked by in the Corazon de Merida (Heart of Merida). Cafe Peon Contreras is one of the restaurants where on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights the […]

Progreso Cemetario

Today, I took Evan on a little adventure to see the cemetery in Progreso before the ‘Dias de los Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) which is holiday in Mexico focusing on family and friends gathering to pray and remember their loved ones. This is a two day holiday in Mexico celebrated on November 1 & […]

Progreso Fair

On Thursday night we went to the fair in Progreso which operates every day from July to sometime in August (nobody really knows when the last day is!). There are a lot of rides for the kids to go on, even some fast ones for the older kids. The biggest hit with our boys was […]


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