El Corchito in Progreso, Yucatan Ecological Park

Yes, right here in Progreso, we have a small ecological park called “El Corchito” and it is home to many different animals. Most common to see is the Mapache (racoon), flamingoes, different species of birds, the odd crocodile, and of course cuati.

To get to this little island located just outside the town of Progreso, you need to park and take a boat across to the mangrove island. Once across you will find many things to do and observe and it is very relaxing. As you wander around the paths, you will see several different cenotes all a little bit different. Some of them are mainly for kids, while others are much deeper and bigger.

And of course the racoons! Normally you will see one… briefly -then if they decide you are worthy, a whole bunch more will come running out! We looked all over for them on our last visit and could not see any! Then when we sat down to watch all the boys swim, one appeared at our backpack and scared the crap out of us! Then they all appeared and it was quite nice to see. It was quite good to see how friendly they appeared, all the while knowing that they were wild and could bite your finger at any minute! It was good to share this experience with Evan’s friend Keith and mom Jodie for something that was so close to home.

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  1. Tammy says:

    This looks fun but i it SAFE?? Raccoons can get very nasty and crocodiles!! ? Do they run lose?

    Thanks Tammy

    • Kurt says:

      Safe? is it Disney approved, probably not! Yes, do not go and pet the animals anywhere in the world and try to maintain a distance from them. Yes, the animals are all wild and loose but seem to be quite used to humans. I wouldn’t try to take food away from one of them as that may not be in your best interests, but they seem to like people. We did not see the crocodiles this time but apparently they have been there and are known to be in the area. No, I wouldn’t let my kids swim with the crocodiles!

      Many things here are not “disney approved” and safety is not always the rule as much as “rule of the fittest” or “only the strong survive”. I think it is Mexico’s way of following Darwin’s theory of evolution! Be careful, watch your kids, and be aware of your environment. Wear a seatbelt, a helmet, and clean your fruit and vegetables:) This is Mexico. When crossing a street, THE CAR ALWAYS WINS – be careful! The day you don’t put sun screen on is the day you burn.

      There are sting rays and jelly fish in the ocean and occasionally I am sure that a sharks GPS may be a little out of whack and they may swim nearer than we would like. It is a big ocean and you never know what is going to swim by. When we swim, we swim closer to the shore and make sure there are other people in the water! If there are not locals in the water – don’t go in! They probably have a reason for not entering the water whether it is octopus season, or jellyfish are floating around. Pay attention!

      All lessons we are teaching the boys and learning ourselves as our adventure continues.

  2. tammy says:

    Thanks Kurt. I think your last paragraph managed to freak me right out LOL.. We have been to many resort beaches but fortunately have never encountered any octopus,jelly fish or sharks. Have you in your time there?
    Im probably thinking too much as usual but as a non swimmer watching kids I’d prefer to be more cautious than less :)

    • Kurt says:

      HaHa:) hey I am just saying you have to be careful. If you pick up a rock, there may be a scorpion under it. We have been here two years and have only seen one scorpion at our friends hacienda. However, other people report seeing them all the time. We have never seen a shark in the ocean, but it is the ocean and just cause we didn’t see them doesn’t mean they are not swimming around out there somewhere! All in all, it seems very safe here, but safety is all relevant and you must exercise caution.

  3. Natalie says:


    Great to see your post. We just got back from Merida, and we go to visit El Corchito. I found the “Ojos de Agua” beautiful and inviting, but the smell of sewer surrounding it made me cringe. I did not allow my boys (8 and 10) to get in the water as I feared water borne illnesses. Did you and your family have any issues? I have relatives there and visit once a year, so i am sure we will be going back.

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