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Peter Piper Pizza Merida for Evan’s BDAY from Grammy!

Grammy wanted to take us all to Peter Piper’s Pizza in City Center for Evan’s birthday. Our final guests for the week had just arrived around midnite the night before, with Kayla and Jacob surprising Evan & Noah in their sleep! The boys were pretty sure they were still dreaming when they woke up to […]

Santa Clara Beach on the Yucatan Coast

In September we went with our friends to the beach and restaurant in Santa Clara on a Sunday afternoon. It was great! The little restaurant was right on the beach with little palapas and a boat that the kids were able to play on for hours! At one point Scott had helped the kids catch […]

Panchos Birthday Extravaganza part 2

Tonight we went to Pancho’s to continue our birthday extravaganza! Grandma & Grandpa wanted to take us out for a very special birthday dinner for all of us to celebrate all our birthdays at one time. Evan chose the restaurant Panchos as it has his favorite Sopa de Lima and we were all looking forward […]

Yakunah Restaurant Progreso

We have had several meals at the Yakunah Hotel in Progreso. This restaurant is located on the east side of Progreso past the end of the Malecon on Calle 21 just past the Montessori School and is one block from the beach. Basically you drive east on Calle 21 and go until the road changes […]

Gran Jirafas Merida Yucatan Restaurant

We have now stopped to eat at Gran Jirafas in Merida two different times and enjoyed dinners both times. This restaurant is located just off the Paseo de Montejo in Merida north of the new underpass on the right side of the road. Very friendly and accommodating staff and if you need them to, several […]

Eladio’s Restaurante & Bar

Feature Picture: Sopa de Lima, which was really really good! Evan & I shared this soup and it was quite a meal. I believe you have to accept this establishment as it is: a busy tourist location which is fabulous for people watching, having some beverages, and enjoying their botanas. Eladio’s has to be one […]

Los Compadres Tacos – Comida Mexicana

Well, we had to eat at the restaurant claiming to have ‘Comida Mexicana’ (Mexican Food!) and were pleasantly surprised! This restaurant has specific hours and is not open for lunch ever. The menu has a wide variety of items, however the items we were there for was the tacos. They have an entire page of […]

Restaurante El Gallito

The Restaurante El Gallito is located just a couple of blocks away from the malecon in Progreso. Lyn & I first discovered it one day when wandering around the town waiting for the boys to finish school and we were starving. We had never before experienced a “Cocina Economica” but this one looked pretty clean […]


On Friday night we went out for a nice family dinner to Panchos in centro Merida. As we were walking to Panchos we saw the thunderstorm coming so when we got to Panchos and they tried to sit us outside, which is normally the best seats in the house, we asked if we could please […]

Chaya Maya – authentic Yucatan

For a late lunch we ate at Chaya Maya, which is a great peek at the Yucateo food offered in Merida. This place is very busy it seems at any time of the day. I started with the Sopa de Lima, which was a great broth with crispy tortilla’s and it was not an over […]

Cubaro – Valentines day

We were fortunate enough to have recommended to us by both Ellyne and Arlette the restaurant situated on the traffic cirlce featuring the Monument to the Flag. On Valentines day, without a reservation we choose Cubaro for our dining. Something that we are still getting used to is the fact that people do not eat […]


Fabulous steak restaurant on Paseo de Mantejo. A definite investment in your evening… but definitely enjoyable!

CafinoSense in Centro

CafinoSense is a little lunch location in Centro on Calle 60 between 55 & 57. This restaurant has several rooms and courtyards that you can choose to dine in. Very vibrant colors and is quite refreshing. Menu has a lot of North American dishes on it and is reasonably priced. I had the burger (just […]


We had heard about Panchos before arriving in Merida and had to check it out. We walked by it early on the first day but it does not open until 6pm so we decided to come back another day for dinner. The atmoshpere was beautiful at night, especially the back courtyard areas. This restaurant is […]

La Casa de Frida

Our first restaurant review in Merida is  from a restaurant in the Santiago area called “La Casa de Frida” and came highly recommended for its specialty dish “Chile en Nogada.” We were very lucky to have Julia & Richard, from Seattle, who were also staying at the B&B join us for dinner to share their […]

Restaurant Review

Our goal with this section is to provide people with an insight to the dining available in Merida. We are going to provide our honest opinions on the meals we ordered and hope to share our experience with you. We know that some meals will be fantastic, while others may be less so, but we […]


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