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Sotuta de Peon Hacienda tour and lunch

Wow, we finally went to the Sotuta de Peon working hacienda! It was fantastic and I hope to bring more people in the future. The drive there was quite exciting…they are doing a lot of road construction by Tecoh which is where you might have seen signs for the hacienda. Alas, there were no signs […]

Homun Grutas y Cenotes

With our out of town guests, we always like to take them over to the quaint little town of Homun in the Yucatan to experience some of the local cenotes and grutas. Cenotes are the fresh water pools that are found all over the Yucatan and are a very refreshing change to salt water and […]

Easter Sunday 2015 sleepover

On Easter weekend this year, we had two of the boys from the soccer team, Oliver and Cristopher, stay over the night before. This meant that they got to partake in our annual egg painting festivities. Lyn brought egg painting kits from Canada, as they are sometimes very, very difficult to find here. Easter bunnies […]

La Feria Yucatán en Xmatkuil

The school field trip to Xmatkuil fair happened today. Everyone at the Montessori school loaded up in the big tour busses and headed off for the day. First stop was the circus – which was animal free this time. The circus acts were funny for the little kids and afterwards we went to the small […]

Guitar Lessons at Casa de la Cultura in Progreso

Play the song as you read the text and watch the slide show. Over the summer, the boys started to learn to play guitar from their cousin Taylor in Calgary. Now that we are back in Progreso, we wanted to continue the lessons for them. Our friend, Joaquin, found us guitar lessons at the Casa […]

Chicxulub Food Bank Newsletter September 2013

We are back to helping Sharon with the Chicxulub Food Bank this year and are very excited to meet new people involved with the program. It has been an interesting two years as we watch the families involved in the food bank change and develop. Children that were newborns are now running around as toddlers. […]

Smile Specialists – Dentists in Merida

We recently required the services of a dentist for our family. Evan had a severe cavity again and part of his tooth had broken away. We decided to give the Smile Specialists in Merida, Yucatan a try. We are so glad that we found this dentist and have since been back for teeth cleanings and […]

Peter Piper Pizza Merida for Evan’s BDAY from Grammy!

Grammy wanted to take us all to Peter Piper’s Pizza in City Center for Evan’s birthday. Our final guests for the week had just arrived around midnite the night before, with Kayla and Jacob surprising Evan & Noah in their sleep! The boys were pretty sure they were still dreaming when they woke up to […]

Ice Skating Liverpool Mall Merida

We have started going ice skating at Liverpool Mall in Merida. Whoever thought that we would try to teach our boys how to skate in Mexico! We are trying to do this every week, but sometimes it is hard to leave the pool! However, when we do get there, the boys love it.I am going […]

Roof top view of Progreso

One afternoon, when we were getting our roof fixed in Progreso, we managed to all run up the ladder and have a great view of the city of Progreso! The ladder was quite a tricky little thing to reach our roof and we actually had to have the workers fix it for us before we […]

Santa Clara Beach on the Yucatan Coast

In September we went with our friends to the beach and restaurant in Santa Clara on a Sunday afternoon. It was great! The little restaurant was right on the beach with little palapas and a boat that the kids were able to play on for hours! At one point Scott had helped the kids catch […]

MultiRed Computer Repair in Progreso, Yucatan

It was not long into the first year in Progreso that we were in need of computer repairs! Even though I had brought most of my IT stuff with me and able to restore hard drives that may not be accessible to many people, there are still problems where you need more help! I should […]

Progreso Carnaval 2012 Parade

We were lucky enough to stumble upon another parade in Progreso, Yucatan at the end of Carnaval 2012. I had just taken the boys for Chinese food in centro, which is really quite good and Noah likes it because it is very fast! Super Fast, as he likes to say. Anyways, as we left the […]

Traditional Festival Of Christmas Tree Lighting 2011 at Independence Park Progreso

On Friday, December 2, 2o11 we attended Progreso’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting festival. More than 2000 people attended this event from the Yucatan. There was a story going on through out the festival “La Gaviota y el Ángel de la Navidad” y la llegada al pesebre del Niño Dios, (english translation: “The Seagull and the […]


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