MultiRed Computer Repair in Progreso, Yucatan

It was not long into the first year in Progreso that we were in need of computer repairs! Even though I had brought most of my IT stuff with me and able to restore hard drives that may not be accessible to many people, there are still problems where you need more help! I should have posted this write-up last year when I first used their services, but as I have continued to use them over the year, I believe it is worth mentioning.

MultiRed in Progreso is such a place and he was fantastic. We have used his services for more than the laptop repair as he also does copies and scanning.

The owner’s name is Raul Arturo Novelo Cetina and he speaks some English which is very helpful, especially if your Spanish is as limited as mine. I believe that he works mostly in the evenings in Progreso and as he works in the day in Merida. I still typed out my  entire problem and listed everything I had attempted to solve the problem and then used the famous GOOGLE TRANSLATE to try to put it into Spanish! Of course, google never gets it quite right but it was close enough that he had an understanding of what to do.

On my first visit, he looked at and in ten minutes had solved the problem (it was related to the power source) and returned my lap top to me FREE OF CHARGE!! I have since purchased power cords (I  had mistakenly unpacked 2 cords from our last trip and they are sitting on the counter in Calgary!) from him and used their services for copies and scanning.

Cel: 9999 472031
Calle 76 No. 149a x29 y31 Centro
Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico

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