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Support Local Soccer Team

Our goal is to raise money, donations, and awareness for a fantastic family coaching a soccer club in a poor town in Mexico. Most of the families cannot afford to pay the $5.50USD per month. This fee includes two-90 minute practices during the week and at least one game on the weekends. The soccer year here operates from September 1st […]

Sotuta de Peon Hacienda tour and lunch

Wow, we finally went to the Sotuta de Peon working hacienda! It was fantastic and I hope to bring more people in the future. The drive there was quite exciting…they are doing a lot of road construction by Tecoh which is where you might have seen signs for the hacienda. Alas, there were no signs […]

Homun Grutas y Cenotes

With our out of town guests, we always like to take them over to the quaint little town of Homun in the Yucatan to experience some of the local cenotes and grutas. Cenotes are the fresh water pools that are found all over the Yucatan and are a very refreshing change to salt water and […]

Gotcha – Paintball Wars – Merida area

For Evan’s second birthday party, he chose to go to Gotcha, which is the Spanish term for Paintball in the area. He actually decided that this would be his birthday party in December, but wanted to wait until Kayla came from Calgary to celebrate with him. An added bonus was that our long time friends […]

Easter Sunday 2015 sleepover

On Easter weekend this year, we had two of the boys from the soccer team, Oliver and Cristopher, stay over the night before. This meant that they got to partake in our annual egg painting festivities. Lyn brought egg painting kits from Canada, as they are sometimes very, very difficult to find here. Easter bunnies […]

Progreso Montessori School Library Trip

Today, Debbie with the Montessori school in Progreso, decided it would be a good day for the children to go see the town library. The library is located in the cultural center and is a big part of things in the city of Progreso. In our Casa de la Cultura, we have partaken in many […]

Actix Park in Merida

A family adventure park in Merida! Actix Park is great fun for the entire family. Go Karts, Paintball, Bungy trampolines, Ziplines, Extreme Obstacle Course, Aero Board, Labyrinth maze, Ball house, and more! This was a great place to go and the kids really enjoyed it. I think younger kids sometimes missed out on the items […]

La Feria Yucatán en Xmatkuil

The school field trip to Xmatkuil fair happened today. Everyone at the Montessori school loaded up in the big tour busses and headed off for the day. First stop was the circus – which was animal free this time. The circus acts were funny for the little kids and afterwards we went to the small […]

Oxkintok Ruins west of Merida

After our gruelling day crawling around in the grutas of Calcehtok we went to the nearby ruins of Oxkintok, which are located just west of Merida in the Yucatan. These ruins are great for local ruins and we were pleasantly surprised at how big the area was. We will definitely return, but next time we […]

Paseo de las Animas Merida – Day of the Dead Festivities

Paseo de las Animas. Which we translated to “passing of the spirits”. Once again we have been on a fantastic adventure to Merida to discover more things! Yes, as the boys are getting older, we have to pull them out of the house to go with us – but once they were there they very […]

Calcehtok Grutas in Yucatan Family, Adventure, Extreme Caves

Ok, when we were invited by our friends to visit some caves in the area, we had no idea what we were in for! How big could caves in Mexico be? How can there be caves in the Yucatan which is flat? Calcehtok Grutas are about an hour and a half drive from Progreso and […]

Oktoberfest Merida Yucatan

Today was the first time we have attended an Oktoberfest event as a family! Not sure the boys really appreciated the different beers but I did have to convince Noah that Hofbrau was good beer and made many different types…so I had to buy them to show him! This event today was located just off […]

Oktoberfest Merida 2014

Yayy, what are we doing this week-end you might ask… We are going to OKTOBERFEST in Merida, Yucatan! We are so excited to check out this event which promises to be a lot of fun. You can find out a lot more information at their facebook page, please visit the page, like it – love […]

Paseo de las Animas 2014 Merida Day of the Dead Parade

We are so excited and looking forward to another Day of the Dead festivals in Merida, Yucatan this year. We were overwhelmed with kindness and generosity last year as we walked along the parade route as all the preparations were being done. It was a great experience to be there a little bit early and […]

Buying glasses in Merida

Well, we have been living here for three years and had to get the boys eyes examined. We had not researched this ahead of time, except to know that Costco and Sam’s Club both offered free eye exams in Merida. We made our appointments and came back the next day. Sam’s Club put the boys […]

Taekwondo Exam in Merida IMSS Theatre

Evan and Noah both had their Tae Kwon Do exams on Saturday in Merida. Evan’s test was for his black partial, which would be a red/black belt. Noah was testing for his red belt. So very proud of both of these boys. This was probably the best exam we have had the pleasure of watching. […]

Toing Land Merida Trampolines by Alta Brisa mall

We have driven by the TOING trampoline center many times and the kids have gone before, but this was our first time going. Definitely on the list of things to do while in Merida with kids! The trampolines are set up and it says that it holds 55 kids although I think that would be a […]

Ares walks on glass

A little while ago, I took some fantastic pictures of one of our kittens walking on the wall in our backyard. We had always heard that the broken bottles on tops of walls in Mexico were not only a determent for keeping people out, but also for keeping stray cats out of your yard. Hmmmmm, […]

Telcel Data Plan options

A  question we are continually asked here is about our cell phones and data coverage. What is the best company, who has the best coverage, what is the best price, what are all the options? I am not sure there is a single best option for any of these questions. I can tell you what I […]

Paddle boarding in Progreso

We have been lucky enough to have a paddle board stored at our house and have taken it out to the Gulf every once in a while. This day we took grammy out to the beach with us while she was here on her three week vacation. While she did not stand and paddle around, […]

First day of school 2014 Montessori Progreso

It is very hard to believe that our little one year adventure has turned into this! We are still enrolled in the Montessori school run by Debbie here in Progreso. I believe that our boys will finish grade 6 in this little school before we have to decide which of the other schools they will […]

Se Renta Mexico website for rental properties in the Yucatan

Wow, we have finally launched the website for property rentals on the Gulf Coast of Mexico! We are so excited to have joined with Jaromey and Heading South Vacation Rentals to help market homes in the Progreso area of the Yucatan. After living here for 3 years we are really trying to stay here forever […]

Leones Major League Baseball in Merida

After 3 years of living in the Merida area, we finally went to watch the Yucatan Leones play ball! It was a great way to spend Mother’s Day this year and we were very happy with our seats. When we arrived at the stadium, just over an hour early, we proceeded to the ticket office […]

Canadian Citizen information – general information

I am posting this general information on this site for anyone living in the area who may not receive this email from the Canadian government. INFORMATION FOR CANADIAN CITIZENS You are receiving this email because you are registered with the Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad Service. Please share the following important information with […]

Soccer finals in Progreso Tournament

Noah’s team made the finals in the Progreso Tournament and had to play their last game of that tournament on Wednesday night against the Tiburones! We had beaten them before in regular season games but that was not to happen this time. We got clobbered. I am thinking Noah had too much of a rest […]

Car accidents in Mexico – Be prepared

Well, it finally happened. I was in a car accident the other day where I was driving which was very unfortunate. I thought I would do a quick post here to let people know what to expect if they are ever in a car accident and maybe some helpful tips. This is our second time […]

Rio Salvaje Water Park Merida Mexico

We finally all made it over to Rio Salvaje water park in between Merida and Progreso. After almost 3 years of driving by, Darren & Michele took the boys two weeks ago and we all took them again last week during Semana Santa school holidays. We also got to bring Leo and Antonio for the […]

Trip to the Chiapas – Palenque Ruins – Day 3

Last day of our weekend getaway to the Chiapas! After a hearty breakfast, again at the Best Western in Palenque, we were off… Well almost…we were fed and packed and waiting at the entrance for our trusty guides…and after 30 minutes of waiting for them, we called at 9:05am, and found that they would be […]

Trip to the Chiapas – Aqua Azul – Day 2

Day two of our Chiapas trip started much earlier that we would have liked after the late night of drinking the day before. But after a good breakfast at the Best Western in Palenque, we were almost on our way. Before leaving, you have to make sure you have LOTS OF COINS!! VERY IMPORTANT! As […]

Trip to the Chiapas – Palenque Museo and Guides – Day 1

Wow! That about sums up our whirlwind trip to the Chiapas last weekend. I believe it was decided during breakfast on Wednesday that we were heading off to visit the ruins of Palenque on Friday. Somehow our friends Darren and Michele managed to find a guide, we actually got two guides for the trip, hotel […]

School Spring Fiesta

Evan and Noah had their Spring Festival Dance in early April. What a crazy night for the boys! First they had their spring fiesta for school. Evan was the King for the dance and did a fabulous job. (videos to follow another time). Noah was a farmer and was awesome dancing with his famous “Noah […]

Evan’s 10th birthday!

Happy almost 10th Birthday Evan! Only 4 more sleeps until he is actually 10 and he has figured out how to get the most out of his birthday week, plan a party for every day starting on the Sunday before. He really wanted to have a party at our house this year and invited half […]

Soccer in Progreso

Evan & Noah have been playing soccer for a couple of years now and we are so proud of their progress. They are on the Manchester United soccer team which has a home soccer field located just between Progreso and Chixculub. We have seen an incredible improvement from both of them from this sport. Of […]

International Kite boarding Competition in Progreso

An international kite boarding competition was held off the beaches of Progreso on the weekend. This event brought in many kite boarders and a lot of people to watch the events. We managed to watch a few of the events on Saturday and it was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. Evan and Noah […]

Rain in Progreso Yucatan

So, a question we are often asked: Does it RAIN in Progreso? Well, we are definitely located right on the Gulf of Mexico, so afternoon storms do occur but not as frequently as you would expect. When we lived in Merida for the first month of our adventure, many years ago, we began to rely […]

Christmas 2013 in CANADA

Christmas in Canada! Yayyy, the boys were so excited to be able to spend 3 weeks in Canada over the Christmas holidays this year. We spent the first week at my parents home, then the next week at Lyn’s mom’s house, a weekend excursion to Banff for some skiing at Sunshine, and then back to […]

Hanal Pixán and Dia de los Muertos

We are so lucky to have this opportunity to learn about a new culture first hand and to see how the festivities affect peoples daily lives. Hanal Pixán is celebrated in the Yucatan on November 1 as part of the Dia de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead” celebrations. Today on November 1, we had […]

Dia de los Muertos Merida, Yucatan 2013

Not only was it Halloween today, the festivities in the city of Merida for the Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, were taking place. Now, we have tried for the second time to get to Plaza Grande in Merida’s historic centro district in time to view the family altars that are set up […]

Progreso Montessori Halloween fiesta!

Happy Halloween! Today was the much anticipated halloween party at the Montessori school in Progreso. The boys, as always, were very excited for this holiday and all the candy that comes with it! This year, they both wanted to be creepers from the game Minecraft. I had found the creeper heads in Calgary this summer […]

Gran Fuerza de Mexico exhibition in Merida Oct 4-28, 2013

Today we went to see the major “Gran Fuerza de Mexico” exhibit near centro in Merida. What a great display for not only the kids, but for adults to learn more about the military and get up close and personal with the tanks! There was everything you ever wanted to see on display from the […]


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