Rio Salvaje Water Park Merida Mexico

We finally all made it over to Rio Salvaje water park in between Merida and Progreso. After almost 3 years of driving by, Darren & Michele took the boys two weeks ago and we all took them again last week during Semana Santa school holidays. We also got to bring Leo and Antonio for the day after a great sleepover.

Great little water park for the kids, even some fun slides for the adults. Entrance fee was 100 pesos per person and you were not allowed to bring in your own beverages. It looked like a lot of people brought in their own food but there was lots of food to choose from. Traditional Mexican fare as well as Pizza from Messina’s (100 pesos for a pepperoni pizza).

Big thing to note with this water park is that you are not allowed to wear or have ANY metal on anything. No rings, no earings, no piercings, no metal on swim suits. Period. NO exceptions. If you want to go on a slide and have metal they will say NO!

We had just emptied the pool so we figured it would be a great day to visit a waterpark!

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Entrada general $100.00


Niños menores de 3 años y jóvenes mayores de 65 

(Con Identificación).

 El servicio es desde las 10:00 de la mañana hasta las 6:00 de la tarde.

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  1. Deb and Gunner says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Fives OnTheFly says:

    Thanks for all the great tips about the water park :) We’re living in Merida until October, and the park is on our to-do list once September rolls around and kids are back in school. The information about metal is not something we would of thought of, but knowing it in advance will save some headache during our visit. Thanks!


    Thank for your visited the park

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