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Telcel Data Plan options

A  question we are continually asked here is about our cell phones and data coverage. What is the best company, who has the best coverage, what is the best price, what are all the options? I am not sure there is a single best option for any of these questions. I can tell you what I […]

Se Renta Mexico website for rental properties in the Yucatan

Wow, we have finally launched the website for property rentals on the Gulf Coast of Mexico! We are so excited to have joined with Jaromey and Heading South Vacation Rentals to help market homes in the Progreso area of the Yucatan. After living here for 3 years we are really trying to stay here forever […]

Canadian Citizen information – general information

I am posting this general information on this site for anyone living in the area who may not receive this email from the Canadian government. INFORMATION FOR CANADIAN CITIZENS You are receiving this email because you are registered with the Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad Service. Please share the following important information with […]

Chicxulub Food Bank Newsletter September 2013

We are back to helping Sharon with the Chicxulub Food Bank this year and are very excited to meet new people involved with the program. It has been an interesting two years as we watch the families involved in the food bank change and develop. Children that were newborns are now running around as toddlers. […]

Immigration information for Canadians

I have had a lot of requests recently about how to contact the Mexican Consulate in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area so I have decided to post it here for people to discover! If you have any comments or more information to add to this about your experience, please add it for future guests to […]

Immigration process for year 3

Okay. So everything has changed… but some things have stayed the same! It is just a matter of determining which is which and that is sometimes very difficult. For example, the immigration in Progreso is in the same spot with the same people. Well almost! Due to the demolition of the old water tower in […]

Cursos de Verano – Summer Course in Progreso, Yucatan for children!

Yayy, summer is just around the corner and with it comes all the planning necessary to keep the little ones occupied. Debbie is offering her summer school, which is more of a 3 week camp for the kids again this year. This course runs from July 15th to August 2nd. The children will be able […]

Smile Specialists – Dentists in Merida

We recently required the services of a dentist for our family. Evan had a severe cavity again and part of his tooth had broken away. We decided to give the Smile Specialists in Merida, Yucatan a try. We are so glad that we found this dentist and have since been back for teeth cleanings and […]

Route we took Driving from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Our family drove in September of 2012 leaving on the  Labor Day Monday with two adults, two kids, and our dog in a fairly loaded up van complete with a roof top carrier and a bike rack. The drive itself was amazing and we are so glad we did it. Driving through Mexico was beautiful […]

FM2 VISA renewal process in Progreso, Yucatan

Our FM2’s were due to be renewed in the middle of the summer while we would be in Canada on vacation. We visited the immigration office in Progreso in early May to determine what our options were. We renewed our FM2 visa’s early, the date did not change on them and they are still in […]

First Dentist Trip in Progreso for Evan – Root Canal :(

One night last week, Evan came flying into our room at about 3am screaming about the pain in his tooth. After some tylenol and a bit of sleep we managed to track down a dentist in Progreso who came highly recommended. There are actually quite a few but we ultimately chose Dr. Paola. She is […]

Cutting a Mango ~ Yucatan Style!

Days after arriving in the Yucatan, we quickly realized that although mangoes were very tasty, very inexpensive, and could be found everywhere we did not know how to properly slice one up. I researched what seemed like a pretty simple task on the internet only to find most people do not really know how to […]

Scooter purchase in Progreso

So on Saturday we broke down and decided to make a purchase of some transportation in preparation for the upcoming school year which starts on Monday. We bought a very base model Italika xs125 Scooter for $10,449 pesos ($835 CDN) and came with a helmut. After doing a little bit of research and asking around […]

License Plates

working on this one! You have apparently 15 days from the time of purchase to get plates on your newly purchased motorized vehicle. This could be a true statement or an incorrect statement. We do not believe you have 30 days, we have been unable to get a ‘temporary plate’ at the police station. We […]

Driving in Mexico! Drivers and Motorcycle license

Although it is not required, we felt it prudent to acquire a Mexican Drivers License. This along with our FM2 Visa, will provide sufficient identification and hopefully our passports and Canadian ID will not be required to be in our pockets at all times. We do carry photo copies of all our documentation just in […]

Getting a cell phone in Merida

We waited a long time to get a cell phone. I think we thought it would be much harder than it was so we waited until we really needed one and then rushed around trying to get it activated in time to make the phone call we needed to make at a specific time. How […]

Visa Information Progreso

Ok, so we got our FM2 Visa’s and the process was really quite simple. Progreso´s Immigration office is located at Calle 80 x 39 # 176 (right next to SMAPAP) Phone number: (969) 935-0022 (located by the water tower). We were greeted by a friendly gent who opened the door for us and directed us […]

Market at Progreso

Today, while our boys were at their first day of summer school in Progreso, we had a chance to explore the main food market and malecon (boardwalk). It was of course another cruise ship day, and the port was very busy with tourists. We cannot wait to see the town on a day a cruise […]

Mercado Fresco de Slow Food Yucatan

A Local Market in Support of a Global Movement. In there is a great article describing the Slow Food Yucatan. Here is an excerpt from their page: “Have you heard about SLOW FOOD? It’s an international movement, based in Italy, which promotes local production of food, preservation of regional culinary traditions, and healthy eating. […]

Merida en Domingo

Artisan Market – every Sunday (9am-9pm) An outdoor handcraft market and food festival on the Plaza Grande at Santa Lucia Park & Hidalgo Park. This is a wonderful place to view local artisans and their crafts. Many booths are set up throughout the park, which is fairly well shaded by booth trees and the booths […]

Medical Insurance

One of our first things to do when we arrived in Merida was to ensure our family had medical insurance. We had met Julieta Morales, who is an agent for Seguros Merida, in February on our first visit to Merida. We had sent several emails back and forth over the last few months to set […]

Merida House

Because we could not get into our Progreso home until August 1st we decided to rent a home from Ellyne & Chucho who own Cascadas de Merida, the bed and breakfast we stayed at in February on our first visit. For guests wanting to stay longer than a week at their b&b, they have a […]

Calgary to Merida

When we were searching for information on Merida we came across a blog called EightSuitCasesAndADream… I am not sure if they really did the move of a family of four with only eight suitcases. Our family decided that number should be 8 full size 50lb suitcases and another 8 carry-ons. Lyn still says she was […]

The Skinner’s In Mexico!

Title: The Skinner’s In Mexico! Description: Jan, Dan, Keegan, Spencer, and Campbell will be staying with us over the Christmas holidays this year. Start Date: 2011-12-23 End Date: 2012-01-03 Yayy, our first guests have already bought their airline tickets to fly into Cancun and drive over to Progresso for our first Mexican Christmas! We are […]

Visa Information FM3 checklist

This checklist was given to us by another agency on what we would need to apply for an FM3 Visa. FM3 VISA FOR NON PROFIT PURPOSES Checklist of documents: ü  Copy of your passport. ü  Tourist visa (FMM) given to you at the port of entry in Mexico. ü  Copy of proof of your legal […]

Visa Information

It seems as though everyone we ask has a different opinion of how visas actually work. Here is an email we received from a lawyer in Merida. This is just for informational purposes and we do not know if this is accurate but it seems to be. email: First I’m gonna explain you the differences […]

Beach Front Rental

Well after looking at over 25 homes to rent this week all over Merida we have finally found one that we both agree on! We have decided the community of Progreso, just 15 minutes outside of Merida, is the best spot for us to experience Mexico for the upcoming year. We found a home which […]

First trip to Merida

Looking back on our traveling day, it seems so long ago which is helping diminish the memories of the whole day. Of course the day we were leaving Calgary there was a substantial snow storm. Lyn’s mom picked us up at 4:15am sharp and after kissing our sleeping boys we were off to the airport […]

First Day In Merida

Checking in to Cascadas de Merida was a dream, Chucho was awake when we arrived at 12:30am local time and very quickly got us settled in after a very long day of traveling. As we carried our luggage, with Chucho’s help of course, past the pool and waterfalls to our casita in the back corner […]

How the dream started

It still seems almost sureal, the decision to move to Merida in the Yucatan on the Gulf of Mexico. Our adventure began many months ago in Calgary when after I was told at Fountain Tire we should have winter tires on our vehicle from October to May… Later that night at a friend’s birthday party […]


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