Scooter purchase in Progreso

So on Saturday we broke down and decided to make a purchase of some transportation in preparation for the upcoming school year which starts on Monday. We bought a very base model Italika xs125 Scooter for $10,449 pesos ($835 CDN) and came with a helmut. After doing a little bit of research and asking around town, Elektra was recommended to us by several people as the place to buy. As their prices are posted I didn’t have the feeling we were being taken advantage of, these prices are the same posted on their website.

Anyways, the purchase went smoothly and I brought the scooter home with Evan hanging on! On Sunday we decided Lyn needed to learn to ride it on the beach, she got a little way from the house when I called her on the walkie-talkie and she turned off the scooter… and then it wouldn’t start… thinking it was flooded we let it sit for an hour, then three hours, then over night… So first thing Monday morning I headed into town on the autobus to Elektra to get a mechanic to look at it.

My sales person, Jorge, was fantastic and with his limited “Spanglish” and my very limited Spanish, he was coming to my house to start the scooter. After an hour of watching him take the scooter apart, he said something about a mechanic, jumped on his scooter and left. Thinking he was going to get a mechanic I waited for his return, while I waited I cleaned and organized the ‘maids room’ at the front of the house which is currently used for storage. Five hours later I once again found myself on the bus heading into town to visit Elektra again. Jorge was not there, he apparently was off eating dinner somewhere and still trying to find a mechanic for me. I was told then by the manager that the mechanic would be at our house in 20 minutes!

So, thinking more like a Mexican, I went to the market and bought some cola and chips and then got on the bus to go home again. Then I sat down with my rum n’ cola and chips and waited on the road for any signs of somebody looking for me. I didn’t want to chance that they might drive by by accident and not see the bike, which is sitting there in pieces beside me. Just over an hour goes by, and I am on my third ‘cola’ and there appears on the horizon my ‘mechanic.’ Well ok, it was certainly not a mechanic, but it was a truck with my salesman in it. They loaded up the scooter in the truck and said we would have it back by 11am manana…

So when 2:30pm the next day rolls around, I got on the bus and headed into the store again to see what was happening as the scooter had not been delivered at 11am… which shocked us all! This time I arrive at the store, see the scooter sitting outside ready to go, and Jorge explains to me that they didn’t have anybody to return it to the house but I could take it now. So, off for home I head, riding on the little scooter which is ‘as good as new’ which didn’t make me feel much better as it was still new when it didn’t start!

Some other pictures from the week, Pizza and Sushi place with a pouty Noah. We did go for piazza and sushi one night to ZaviPlaya on the malecon in Progreso. The pizza for 100 pesos was huge and the sushi rolls were very interesting. The sushi rolls are made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese in them here, which is something to get used to! We cannot quite remember why Noah was pouting on this night but I thought I would take a picture to show him later.

Oh yes, and I decided to take ‘surfer Evan’ out for a walk to the rocks one afternoon. It was quite an adventure and we crawled on the big rocks for a bit while trying to see all the fish we could with out slipping and falling.

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  1. Louise says:

    So the question is – would you recommend this now that it has been fixed? We have been looking at them as a car is impractical – only in Merida a few months a year right now….
    But the kids look really cute on it!

    • Kurt says:

      After two days of getting around town and being able to explore more on our own, I would definitely recommend getting a scooter. The streets of Merida are a lot different than the calm big streets of Progreso though and I think we only have one ‘glorieta’ in town here! I think our initial experience with the fuel filter on the scooter is an exception and most people would have driven away and not looked back. Just make sure you get the size you are most comfortable with, there are smaller ones and some bigger ones. Ours is about an average Mexican “family” size where you see the entire family piled on – we have yet to try this.

      We are now able to easily get fresh fruit, vegetables, and to even buy our meat fresh every day from the market. Hopefully our visits to Costco and Walmart are going to lessen and we can come to depend on the great markets available to us.

  2. Holly & Rob says:

    Lyn! You look like a true Mexican now! On your scooter with the kids hanging off! LOL! Love it!

  3. Kurt says:

    Ok, so after having trouble starting the scooter and having to have it serviced at Italika for the warranty, Elektra switched the scooter for a brand new one. They could not determine the problem with the first one and were going to have to redo all of the wiring. I was very happy to see the new scooter, especially after I pushed the last one about 20 blocks down the beach to down town the last time.

    One of the managers at Elektra spoke limited English which helped, as did our sales person. I found them to very helpful in trying to come up with a solution and working on my behalf to get the scooter replaced. The process was quite annoying especially as it was our only means of transportation, besides the bus. Every time it would not start, I would get on the bus and head into town to try and get a mechanic to come to the house and fix it. Italika service does have mobile mechanics and they were always able to get it going to bring to their shop. The problem was after a bit it would not start again.

  4. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Looks like you’ve found some great transportation for two, possibly three, but I can’t imagine how you can cram four of you on! Kind of makes one wonder … Canada we have our kids strapped into car seats wearing their helmets until they’re at least 15 while in Mexico little Noah rides out front….hope he at least has a visor to keep the bugs out of his eyes and mouth. Oh well, as long as no one is expecting the grandmother to pile on, I guess I won’t worry. And I’m glad you have a road worthy bike that you’re riding instead of pushing now.
    Hope the boys have a wonderful day at school tomorrow. I’ll Skype early enough so I can talk to them. Although I don’t suppose they are any different than kids here who would probably just say that they did “nothing” all day!

  5. Uncle Dave Foley says:

    Neat blog keep up the good work. tell Grampa you heard from uncle Dave he will fill in the details I hope. We love mexico and hope to get to Merida soon. We are still working and spend your limited time in Puerto Morelos. Say hello to Grampa for me when he gets off his rotation Uncle Dave

  6. suzy says:

    i am stayimg in chelem for 6 months…do you know where i can buy a cheap car for $400 usd?

    • Kurt says:

      hmmm, that is a low number. I do know that there is a car show every week in Merida by the Centenario Parque by the zoo. Here people have the opportunity to see what cars are currently for sale in the area. I am not sure about cars for less than $500 but this is Mexico and anything is possible! If you do not need to travel far and are just doing little traveling, I would definitely recommend the little scooter – definitely a different way to travel. Parking is so much easier also. I find myself even now while we have a rental car, using the scooter to go get things as I never have to think about parking with it.

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