Market at Progreso

Today, while our boys were at their first day of summer school in Progreso, we had a chance to explore the main food market and malecon (boardwalk). It was of course another cruise ship day, and the port was very busy with tourists. We cannot wait to see the town on a day a cruise ship is not in town. Tomorrow should be a quieter day in the town and we will get to see it then without the cruise ships.

As we walked through the market we were pleasantly surprised at how clean and fresh everything looked. We even walked through the fresh meat section, which we have avoided in other markets, and after we walked through I went back through again to take some pictures to post here. I believe that once we move to Progreso, we will be buying much of our daily food from this market. Our original thoughts were to buy all of our meat at the super markets, but after looking at this market we will be buying small amounts of fresh meat and see how we do. We will have to do a price comparison, but at first glance the prices seemed competitive to the big super markets like WalMart. We will do everything we can to help support the local economy buy purchasing our food from the food markets.

After we had enough walking, we sat down at San Morino’s restaurant on the malecon. We had a great table on the beach with a view of the pier and all the crazy tourists which was well shaded. We munched on nachos, coconut shrimp, and the San Marino salad all while locals tried to sell their wares to us. Lunch was good and I can see us going there again for beverages and munchies.


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  1. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Dad stills remembers the smell of the marketplace in Mazatlan. He’s not sure about buying meat there but you’ll have lots of chances to try it out before we come for our visit. Your pictures make it all look so appetizing and the wonderful view of the water in the background is amazing!

  2. Robin says:

    Hi Travellors,

    Would the chickens and slabs of meat be in a refrigerated area?
    I had no idea a 3rd world country would have all that produce.

    Are either Evan or Noah afraid of thunderstorms? I see you have several coming.
    Hopefully tomorrow mom will come to the computer room with me tomorrow and see your site.

    We think of you often.

    • Kurt says:

      When you click on a picture to make it bigger, then you must use your browsers BACK button to go back to the page you were on.

      The fresh fruit and vegetables here is amazing, much better than home and you know that it is not ‘ripened with gas’ like home. The meat is certainly not in a refrigerated area, but is as fresh as you can get it. I think if you cook it right and fairly soon there would not be issues. People survived for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years without refrigeration and I am sure we can too!

      Evan & Noah are not afraid of thunderstorms, which is good because we seem to get them everyday in the afternoon. The forecast is really misleading where it shows thunderstorms every day. What does happen is this: it is extremely hot in the morning and then sometime between 3pm and 7pm we get a rain storm for about an hour and then the sun comes out again. Sometimes it is a thunder storm, sometimes not, we just got home and are watching the lightning now but have not heard the thunder from where we are yet.

      I hope that you and Granny are doing well and she is getting better. We were quite concerned when mom told us that Granny had fallen again.

      All our love,
      Kurt and family

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