First Dentist Trip in Progreso for Evan – Root Canal :(


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One night last week, Evan came flying into our room at about 3am screaming about the pain in his tooth. After some tylenol and a bit of sleep we managed to track down a dentist in Progreso who came highly recommended. There are actually quite a few but we ultimately chose Dr. Paola. She is with ProDens and speaks English which is a great thing. I stopped in with Evan to see her and make an appointment. I was very impressed with the little office and after talking to her on the phone (she was not in the office but her assistant quickly called her) and made an appointment for the following day at 5:30pm. One thing, when trying to find a dentist in Progreso their office hours all seem to be from 8am-12pm in the morning then back again around 4pm-8pm for the final half of the day. Even dentists in their air conditioned buildings need their afternoon siesta!

After a couple of brief questions and filling out an information form for Evan, she brought him to the back room to take a look at his tooth. Very quickly after looking in his mouth she took pictures of his teeth and proceeded to explain to us in very plain English what was happening with the tooth. She told us what she could do and gave us the options and the prices. For Evan’s pulpotamy (root canal on a non-permanent tooth, his molar) it would cost 1200 pesos for the procedure and then another 500 pesos for the final filling ($127.39 CDN).

Due to the infection in his tooth, she has put a temporary filling on it for now and he is due to return on Wednesday for the final filling after she double checks the tooth and the infection. She froze the area with lidocaine on a cotton swab first and then double checked with Evan to ensure it was frozen before using her ‘computer’ to freeze the area. She promised him that this would not hurt and he finally believed her. The ‘computer’ she was referring to was an electronic device with a needle on the end which dispenses the anesthetic. However, this device detects the body temperature and makes sure the liquid is heated to match his body temperature making it a pain free injection.

Evan had just had a very painful experience at his dentist before leaving Calgary and had vowed to never return to a dentist ever again. However, once he met Dr. Paola she helped him understand the procedure and then we asked him what he would like to do. Of course his first answer was he would just like to go home, but he finally decided to have the root canal done as this would save his tooth for a period of time which was very important. He was scared that she would be pulling his tooth, which had happened before with no freezing so he was very apprehensive.

Dr. Paola was very good with Evan and answered every one of his questions and Evan certainly had a lot of questions. She could not move without him asking her what she was holding, or doing, or looking at! It has been four days since she worked on his tooth and he is on anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic right now and seems to be doing well. Evan’s brother is allergic to penicillin so when giving us the prescription she very carefully found drugs that were penicillin free just in case. On the way home from the dentist we stopped by at one of the corner farmacias and within a minute we had the prescriptions filled and were on our way home again. Evan ate dinner with us, which I must say was a fantastic pasta with prawns that I just whipped up when we got home!

Overall we were very happy with our first experience with the dentistry here in Progreso. The office was clean and very well organized. There was a tv for the patient to watch while reclined, posters on the wall geared to both children and adults. I would definitely recommend Dr. Paola to anyone but like anything, please do your own research when choosing your dentist.

Dr Paola GPE Buenfil Heredia, C.D.E.O with ProDens

Cirujano Dentista, Especialista en Ortodoncia
Calle 29, No 111-A entre 72 y 74
Colonial Centro, Progreso, Yucatan.
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5 Responses to “First Dentist Trip in Progreso for Evan – Root Canal :(”

  1. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Nick would like to have a computer needle that is pain free too next time he has to visit a dentist. He is very proud of Evan for agreeing to have his tooth fixed after his bad experience in Calgary. The office looks inviting and Evan looks quire relaxed except for the hands holding onto the chair!!

  2. Robin says:

    I am so impressed with you Evan. I didn’t hear about your bad experience in Calgary. How come they pulled your tooth without freezing it?
    I think I would like to come to your dentist. I haven’t been to one in over 2 years and I’m sure I will have to have two root canals.

    • Kurt says:

      The dentist tried to freeze the tooth before pulling it in Calgary, but the tooth was so infected that the freezing didn’t work. The tooth had to come out because it was a tooth which had a previous cavity and filling but the tooth was infected inside.

  3. paul tessier says:

    We have been watching international house hunters and Merida is a ongoing theme. I started last night and have been researching since last evening…non stop. We have looked at costa rico, belize, bahamas, florida, bc Okanagan. multiple trips and visits for years. your site is wonderfull…educational…
    Will you remain in Mexico or move back to Calgary. I need more info on moving there full time. Are you familiar with mayan living real estate.

    your family are my new heroes…

    paul tessier

    • Kurt says:

      Hi Paul,
      When we met our new friends and they told us about the adventure they were going on we got pretty excited as well. I believe that this momentum stayed strong throughout as we tried to make our dreams come true. Our long term goals would be to reside in Mexico with visits to many other countries, including Canada.

      We are familiar with several realtors in the area and suggest you find one that fits your needs, meet them in person, and then decide if they are the person you should your faith in to represent you honestly and in your best interests.

      Good luck with the searching and if you ever have any questions, we will do our best to help!


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