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Sotuta de Peon Hacienda tour and lunch

Wow, we finally went to the Sotuta de Peon working hacienda! It was fantastic and I hope to bring more people in the future. The drive there was quite exciting…they are doing a lot of road construction by Tecoh which is where you might have seen signs for the hacienda. Alas, there were no signs […]

Gotcha – Paintball Wars – Merida area

For Evan’s second birthday party, he chose to go to Gotcha, which is the Spanish term for Paintball in the area. He actually decided that this would be his birthday party in December, but wanted to wait until Kayla came from Calgary to celebrate with him. An added bonus was that our long time friends […]

Easter Sunday 2015 sleepover

On Easter weekend this year, we had two of the boys from the soccer team, Oliver and Cristopher, stay over the night before. This meant that they got to partake in our annual egg painting festivities. Lyn brought egg painting kits from Canada, as they are sometimes very, very difficult to find here. Easter bunnies […]

Paseo de las Animas Merida – Day of the Dead Festivities

Paseo de las Animas. Which we translated to “passing of the spirits”. Once again we have been on a fantastic adventure to Merida to discover more things! Yes, as the boys are getting older, we have to pull them out of the house to go with us – but once they were there they very […]

Buying glasses in Merida

Well, we have been living here for three years and had to get the boys eyes examined. We had not researched this ahead of time, except to know that Costco and Sam’s Club both offered free eye exams in Merida. We made our appointments and came back the next day. Sam’s Club put the boys […]

Taekwondo Exam in Merida IMSS Theatre

Evan and Noah both had their Tae Kwon Do exams on Saturday in Merida. Evan’s test was for his black partial, which would be a red/black belt. Noah was testing for his red belt. So very proud of both of these boys. This was probably the best exam we have had the pleasure of watching. […]

Toing Land Merida Trampolines by Alta Brisa mall

We have driven by the TOING trampoline center many times and the kids have gone before, but this was our first time going. Definitely on the list of things to do while in Merida with kids! The trampolines are set up and it says that it holds 55 kids although I think that would be a […]

Paddle boarding in Progreso

We have been lucky enough to have a paddle board stored at our house and have taken it out to the Gulf every once in a while. This day we took grammy out to the beach with us while she was here on her three week vacation. While she did not stand and paddle around, […]

First day of school 2014 Montessori Progreso

It is very hard to believe that our little one year adventure has turned into this! We are still enrolled in the Montessori school run by Debbie here in Progreso. I believe that our boys will finish grade 6 in this little school before we have to decide which of the other schools they will […]

Se Renta Mexico website for rental properties in the Yucatan

Wow, we have finally launched the website for property rentals on the Gulf Coast of Mexico! We are so excited to have joined with Jaromey and Heading South Vacation Rentals to help market homes in the Progreso area of the Yucatan. After living here for 3 years we are really trying to stay here forever […]

Soccer finals in Progreso Tournament

Noah’s team made the finals in the Progreso Tournament and had to play their last game of that tournament on Wednesday night against the Tiburones! We had beaten them before in regular season games but that was not to happen this time. We got clobbered. I am thinking Noah had too much of a rest […]

Evan’s 10th birthday!

Happy almost 10th Birthday Evan! Only 4 more sleeps until he is actually 10 and he has figured out how to get the most out of his birthday week, plan a party for every day starting on the Sunday before. He really wanted to have a party at our house this year and invited half […]

Soccer in Progreso

Evan & Noah have been playing soccer for a couple of years now and we are so proud of their progress. They are on the Manchester United soccer team which has a home soccer field located just between Progreso and Chixculub. We have seen an incredible improvement from both of them from this sport. Of […]

Christmas 2013 in CANADA

Christmas in Canada! Yayyy, the boys were so excited to be able to spend 3 weeks in Canada over the Christmas holidays this year. We spent the first week at my parents home, then the next week at Lyn’s mom’s house, a weekend excursion to Banff for some skiing at Sunshine, and then back to […]

Hanal Pixán and Dia de los Muertos

We are so lucky to have this opportunity to learn about a new culture first hand and to see how the festivities affect peoples daily lives. Hanal Pixán is celebrated in the Yucatan on November 1 as part of the Dia de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead” celebrations. Today on November 1, we had […]

Progreso Montessori Halloween fiesta!

Happy Halloween! Today was the much anticipated halloween party at the Montessori school in Progreso. The boys, as always, were very excited for this holiday and all the candy that comes with it! This year, they both wanted to be creepers from the game Minecraft. I had found the creeper heads in Calgary this summer […]

Guitar Lessons at Casa de la Cultura in Progreso

Play the song as you read the text and watch the slide show. Over the summer, the boys started to learn to play guitar from their cousin Taylor in Calgary. Now that we are back in Progreso, we wanted to continue the lessons for them. Our friend, Joaquin, found us guitar lessons at the Casa […]

Evan tries windsurfing on the Gulf Coast at Marina Silcer Progreso

People are always asking us what there is for children to do in the Yucatan. LOTS! Every time we think of something, we have been able to find it in our area. We had heard about the possibility of children taking wind surfing lessons so two weeks ago, I started the search. The boys and […]

Progreso Beach in August

Angelica took the boys to the beach one day while she was here in Progreso. They had a great time and were out really far when Evan and Angelica both felt something “large” bump into them and then they raced out of the water… while we are not sure what it was they stayed out […]

Mother’s Day in Progreso at school and at home!

Happy Mother’s Day! Wow, Mother’s Day week is finally over! Mother’s Day in Mexico is always on May 10th and this year that was a Friday. The kids had prepared all kinds of things for the mom’s at school. All the classes had a song to sing to their mother’s and the mother’s were all […]

Evan’s 9th Birthday in Progreso, Yucatan

After talking about it for at least a full year, Evan finally turned 9!! What a great 9th birthday week(s) he had too. With visitors from Canada making his day very special: Grammy, Auntie Lisa, Cade, Kayla, and Jacob all helping share this momentous occasion! Of course, like every day, the boys were off to school […]

Peter Piper Pizza Merida for Evan’s BDAY from Grammy!

Grammy wanted to take us all to Peter Piper’s Pizza in City Center for Evan’s birthday. Our final guests for the week had just arrived around midnite the night before, with Kayla and Jacob surprising Evan & Noah in their sleep! The boys were pretty sure they were still dreaming when they woke up to […]

Ice Skating Liverpool Mall Merida

We have started going ice skating at Liverpool Mall in Merida. Whoever thought that we would try to teach our boys how to skate in Mexico! We are trying to do this every week, but sometimes it is hard to leave the pool! However, when we do get there, the boys love it.I am going […]

Semana Santa in Progreso with family

Yayyy, we were sure lucky to be able to have Grammy, Lisa, and Cade visiting us while the fair in Progreso was happening for Semana Santa. Our house is a very short walk from the main malecon in Progreso and very close to the festivities! We wandered over to the fair one evening so that […]

Centenario Zoo in Merida with Grammy, Lisa, and Cade

Grammy always loves to see the big cats at the zoo in Merida so we made sure to take Lisa and Cade there one afternoon. This zoo is great and it is also free which is a great bonus! Keep in mind that the zoos in Merida are all closed on Mondays. We always enjoy […]

Easter 2013 at the Hacienda!

So lucky to have been invited to the Hacienda for Easter this year and the Great Easter Egg Hunt extravaganza! Dana & Fabian had organized the Easter egg hunt for everyone in the afternoon. Hiding eggs in an environment full of ants and bees is always tricky, but Dana put all the candy in little […]

Xel-Ha Mayan Riviera with the Knight Family

What a fabulous day! Our second day of our spring break with the Knights and we went to Xel-ha just south of our hotel in Cancun. It was a beautiful day for a drive and we were really excited to show Dave, Monic, Kieran, and Payton all the sites of Mexico! After too much sun […]

Cancun Crown Paradise Club Spring Break

Spring Break 2013 with the Knight Family from Calgary! Yayy, thanks a bunch for visiting us in beautiful Cancun in the Mayan Riviera. It was a fabulous week and we were so glad to be able to spend time with our much missed friends. Lyn had traveled from Calgary with them and arrived very late […]

Chichenitza Mayan Ruins Yucatan

We finally made it to Chichenitza! Well almost, Lyn was busy working but we went with Evan’s friend Keith and his mom Jodie who were visiting us from Calgary. We also managed to meet up with my aunt Val, uncle Barry, and cousin Alex for lunch which was fabulous. We went on a Sunday and […]

Montessori School Spring Festival Fiesta

The Montessori School had a Spring Festival this year instead of participating in the traditional Carnival celebrations. The kids were all dressed up and practiced their singing and dancing at the school for this event. Evan and Noah were very excited: Noah because he loves to dance; and Evan because he got to do cartwheels! […]

Bici Ruta in Merida on Paseo Montejo

Finally, after trying for almost 2 years to get our butts out of bed and head into Merida to ride our bikes on the Paseo Montejo we finally did it! We joined our friends Mario and Ivonne and their kids on the Paseo and rode our bikes from one end of the road to the […]

Soccer Game, Lunch and new table with friends and family

This was a busy day! A soccer game with the boys, then lunch with friends on our newly built patio table. Grandma & Grandpa did not like that we did not have a beautiful patio table for our front deck so off to Home Depot we went! Dad and I with Lyn’s direction and the […]

Animaya with Grandma & Grandpa

We finally had the opportunity to visit Animaya in Merida with Grandma and Grandpa! Last year when we tried to go it was closed…it is always closed on Mondays! This year when Grandma and Grandpa visited us, we made sure to go on a day it was open. Animaya is a fantastic place to go […]

Campeche – with Grandma & Grandpa

One of the tourist type things that we did this year with grandma and grandpa was to visit the city of Campeche. I wish we had more time to explore this beautiful city but we had a little late start, then started on our drive. The roads from Progreso to Campeche were perfect! We had […]

Taekwondo Tournament Merida 2012

Evan and Noah participated in a Merida taekwondo tournament and they both did pretty good for their first attempt. Noah had a very close match and he was winning up til the final seconds when he dropped down a point. A last second head kick to his opponent came after the bell or he would […]

Taekwondo Green Belts!

Yayy, both the boys received their green belts! They actually were tested for them in late December, but did not receive them for a couple of months. The Tae Kwon Do studio we are at, seemed to have switched associations and there was a big delay in receiving the new certificates. Studio De Tae Kwon Do […]

Progreso Montessori Winter Parade

This year, the school had a small parade in front of the school. This event was to raise money for the Christmas party so every parent had to bring something to eat to donate to the school and then people bought tickets. I was lucky enough to make two strawberry popcakes which have become quite […]

Roof top view of Progreso

One afternoon, when we were getting our roof fixed in Progreso, we managed to all run up the ladder and have a great view of the city of Progreso! The ladder was quite a tricky little thing to reach our roof and we actually had to have the workers fix it for us before we […]

Halloween 2012 Progreso

Hacienda Fiesta Our Halloween party this year was once again hosted by Dana & Fabian and it was as fabulous as ever. The hacienda looked great and Dana had decorated the pool side tree and wall of the patio. And of course, a container of Beetle Juice for the kids! The kids all participated in […]

Santa Clara Beach on the Yucatan Coast

In September we went with our friends to the beach and restaurant in Santa Clara on a Sunday afternoon. It was great! The little restaurant was right on the beach with little palapas and a boat that the kids were able to play on for hours! At one point Scott had helped the kids catch […]


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