Montessori School Spring Festival Fiesta

The Montessori School had a Spring Festival this year instead of participating in the traditional Carnival celebrations. The kids were all dressed up and practiced their singing and dancing at the school for this event. Evan and Noah were very excited: Noah because he loves to dance; and Evan because he got to do cartwheels! Debbie booked the location in Chicxulub again for this event and with the stage it was quite good. Very hot and not much of a breeze, but good otherwise! Debbie had used the money raised at the previous school parade where the parents all cooked items and then sold them to each other to buy a gift for each student.

Videos and Slide show below! Noah was an orange bird and Evan got to dress up as Peter Pan. Jodie and Keith were lucky enough to sit through this Spring Festival for the school while they were here visiting Evan for their Spring Break from Calgary.

Evan Spring Festival Cartwheels and Dance

Noah Spring Festival Dance

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