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Trip to the Chiapas – Palenque Ruins – Day 3

Last day of our weekend getaway to the Chiapas! After a hearty breakfast, again at the Best Western in Palenque, we were off… Well almost…we were fed and packed and waiting at the entrance for our trusty guides…and after 30 minutes of waiting for them, we called at 9:05am, and found that they would be […]

Dzbilchaltun, Yucatan Mayan Ruins & Cenote

After months of driving by the sign for Dzbilchaltun, and trying to learn how to say that word properly, we finally had the opportunity to visit this tourist attraction. For some reason we had no idea what to expect and were thinking we were just going to go swim in an above ground cenote. However, […]

Uxmal – Mayan Ruins

On Sunday we made the trek to Uxmal to see the Mayan Ruins. After hearing so much about them from other people we were very much looking forward to the trip. It was a short hour and a half drive from Progreso, we even took a detour and drove through Uman which was in full […]

Yellow City – Izamal with Grammy!

On December 23rd we woke up and had a great breakfast before starting our very eventful excursion. We drove to Izamal, the Yellow City, which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Progreso. Evan had been wanting to return to the Yellow City since our first visit as he had found the ultimate table […]

Izamal ~ The Yellow City

Izamal is the Yucatan’s “magical” town. The Mexican government considers a town to be magical if it is rich in historical tradition, it must be located near tourist sites, accessible by good roads, and above all there must be a sincere attempt by the locals to develop the entire town into a magical place. Izamal […]


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