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Support Local Soccer Team

Our goal is to raise money, donations, and awareness for a fantastic family coaching a soccer club in a poor town in Mexico. Most of the families cannot afford to pay the $5.50USD per month. This fee includes two-90 minute practices during the week and at least one game on the weekends. The soccer year here operates from September 1st […]

Paseo de las Animas Merida – Day of the Dead Festivities

Paseo de las Animas. Which we translated to “passing of the spirits”. Once again we have been on a fantastic adventure to Merida to discover more things! Yes, as the boys are getting older, we have to pull them out of the house to go with us – but once they were there they very […]

Oktoberfest Merida Yucatan

Today was the first time we have attended an Oktoberfest event as a family! Not sure the boys really appreciated the different beers but I did have to convince Noah that Hofbrau was good beer and made many different types…so I had to buy them to show him! This event today was located just off […]

Oktoberfest Merida 2014

Yayy, what are we doing this week-end you might ask… We are going to OKTOBERFEST in Merida, Yucatan! We are so excited to check out this event which promises to be a lot of fun. You can find out a lot more information at their facebook page, please visit the page, like it – love […]

Paseo de las Animas 2014 Merida Day of the Dead Parade

We are so excited and looking forward to another Day of the Dead festivals in Merida, Yucatan this year. We were overwhelmed with kindness and generosity last year as we walked along the parade route as all the preparations were being done. It was a great experience to be there a little bit early and […]

School Spring Fiesta

Evan and Noah had their Spring Festival Dance in early April. What a crazy night for the boys! First they had their spring fiesta for school. Evan was the King for the dance and did a fabulous job. (videos to follow another time). Noah was a farmer and was awesome dancing with his famous “Noah […]

International Kite boarding Competition in Progreso

An international kite boarding competition was held off the beaches of Progreso on the weekend. This event brought in many kite boarders and a lot of people to watch the events. We managed to watch a few of the events on Saturday and it was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. Evan and Noah […]

Hanal Pixán and Dia de los Muertos

We are so lucky to have this opportunity to learn about a new culture first hand and to see how the festivities affect peoples daily lives. Hanal Pixán is celebrated in the Yucatan on November 1 as part of the Dia de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead” celebrations. Today on November 1, we had […]

Gran Fuerza de Mexico exhibition in Merida Oct 4-28, 2013

Today we went to see the major “Gran Fuerza de Mexico” exhibit near centro in Merida. What a great display for not only the kids, but for adults to learn more about the military and get up close and personal with the tanks! There was everything you ever wanted to see on display from the […]

Telchac Pueblo Fiesta San Francisco de Asis

Our friends Francisco and Landy invited us to spend the day with their entire family and friends for the Feria Telchac Pueblo 2013 in the Yucatan. This is a time honored event and we were very excited to be invited to spend the day with them. The party in Telchac was for San Francisco de […]

Foodbank Chixculub, Yucatan

Yesterday was the “Dia de Maestros” in the Yucatan so the boys did not have school and were able to come with me to help Sharon at the Chixculub Foodbank. This is a great opportunity for them to learn about the needs of the people who live in the Yucatan who may need more help. […]

Canada Day and Fourth of July Picnic 2013 Progreso, Yucatan

The Canada Day and 4th of July Picnic will be held at the Casa de Malecon restaurant in Progreso, Yucatan on Tuesday, July 2nd from 4 to 8pm this year! The benefits from this bbq will go to support the charities of the International Women’s Club and the Merida Men’s Club. Tickets will be available […]

Semana Santa in Progreso with family

Yayyy, we were sure lucky to be able to have Grammy, Lisa, and Cade visiting us while the fair in Progreso was happening for Semana Santa. Our house is a very short walk from the main malecon in Progreso and very close to the festivities! We wandered over to the fair one evening so that […]

Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil 2012 – Yucatan Fair

In the fall of 2012 we had the great opportunity to go to the State Fair in Xmatkuil with our friends. We loaded up the vehicles for the short drive from Progreso to the south side of Merida where the fair is located every year. We had been the previous year, but this year it […]

Noah’s Kindergarten Graduation! moving up to Grade 1

Noah has moved up to grade 1! We are so proud of the little guy and can’t believe that time is flying so quickly. Noah had a fabulous year in K3 in Mexico and absolutely loved his teacher, Andrea; his classmates, Javiar, Jonatan, Desiree, and Daniel; and of course the Montessori school run by Debbie. […]

Canada Day and Fourth of July BBQ in Progreso, Yucatan

On June 26th there was a bbq planned for all the Canadian and American expats in the area celebrating both Canada Day and the Fourth of July. This event was used as a fund raiser for the International Womens Club and the Merida Mens Club charities and was co-sponsored by the Beach Gals and the […]

Progreso Carnaval 2012 Parade

We were lucky enough to stumble upon another parade in Progreso, Yucatan at the end of Carnaval 2012. I had just taken the boys for Chinese food in centro, which is really quite good and Noah likes it because it is very fast! Super Fast, as he likes to say. Anyways, as we left the […]

Carnaval 2012 Merida Parade

Carnaval Nueva Era 2012 Merida, Yucatan was an amazing opportunity to see fantastic costumes, dancing, and parades throughout the streets of Merida. This years festivities ran from the 15th to the 22nd of February and is one of the most important holidays in Mexico. More than 2500 dancers competed for first place as they displayed […]

Progreso Montessori Carnaval School Parade and Dance

Thursday, February 16th was the Progreso Montessori’s time to walk in the parade to central park and perform the dance they had been working on for weeks. After performing excellently in the dress rehearsal the night before at the school, many of the children were very nervous about performing in front of the entire town […]

Christmas in Progreso – Decorations Everywhere

The holiday season is certainly alive and well in Progreso, Yucatan and surrounding cities such as Merida. Our family could not believe the amount of decorations not only displayed by all the towns and cities at this time of year, but also the extent that all the homes went to. It seemed that all the […]

Peticion de Posada

On Friday we had the pleasure of being invited to a “Posada” event at a home in Merida. Evan & Noah go to school with Isabella and Vito and we were invited to their home to experience this very traditional evening. It is an evening of fun, singing, and traditional food. Festivities centered around the […]

The Bullfight: Corrida de Toros Merida

On Sunday, December 11th we followed through with our decision to attend a bullfight in Merida at the Plaza de Toros. This was a decision the entire family made together to see an event which may not always exist. I know that it is difficult to believe a 5 year old and a 7 year […]

Traditional Festival Of Christmas Tree Lighting 2011 at Independence Park Progreso

On Friday, December 2, 2o11 we attended Progreso’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting festival. More than 2000 people attended this event from the Yucatan. There was a story going on through out the festival “La Gaviota y el Ángel de la Navidad” y la llegada al pesebre del Niño Dios, (english translation: “The Seagull and the […]

Yucatan Feria 2011 part two

We went back to the Yucatan Feria on the last Saturday of the event which is located on 77 acres at Xmatkuil just outside of the city of Merida. This event is massive and we could still go back for yet another day to try to explore everything. This fair took place from November 4 […]

Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil 2011 – Yucatan Fair

The Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil 2011 is currently in its last week and ran from November 11 and ends on December 4. The 37th annual Yucatán traditional annual fair located outside of Merida is expecting 2,100,000 people who will be able to enjoy more than 2000 artistic and recreational events, and more than 1000 exhibitors who […]

Merida Music Festival at Hacienda Dzibikak

Ok, so I am a week or so behind in posting this event, but it really is worth putting in the Letters From Merida Blog. The first annual Merida Music Festival took place on November 20th, 2011 at Hacienda Dzibikak. This is a “little” Hacienda outside of Uman and is just beautiful! This would be […]

Halloween in Merida with the English Library

The Merida English Library hosted their first annual Costume Party for English children this evening. Start time was 7pm and they had all kinds of snacks ready for the kids and games for all of them. One of the first games they had was a race to see who could create a mummy the fastest […]

Dia de los Muertos – Merida

On Saturday, October 29 we went to Merida to see the Dia de los Muertos festivities. The city had all the parks decorated and we went to Plaza Grande in centro to see the funeral procession which went from Santa Lucia park to the Plaza Grande. The restaurant Lyn chose was located right off Calle […]

Mexican Independence Day

September 16th was Mexico’s Independence Day which is a really big celebration. I actually drove around town on my scooter in the afternoon taking pictures of all the preparations for the big event. We went to La Pinata for dinner with several other families and friends. Of course we were there right when the restaurant […]

Progreso Fair

On Thursday night we went to the fair in Progreso which operates every day from July to sometime in August (nobody really knows when the last day is!). There are a lot of rides for the kids to go on, even some fast ones for the older kids. The biggest hit with our boys was […]

Temozon fair

On Saturday we were invited to go see a town fair at Temozon, located by Las Fincas on the northern side of Merida, by our friends Mario & Ivonne. When we received the invite for it was already 2:30 as we had been out to the Yucatan Slow Food Market earlier in the day. We […]

Merida en Domingo

Artisan Market – every Sunday (9am-9pm) An outdoor handcraft market and food festival on the Plaza Grande at Santa Lucia Park & Hidalgo Park. This is a wonderful place to view local artisans and their crafts. Many booths are set up throughout the park, which is fairly well shaded by booth trees and the booths […]

Bica Ruta Merida on Sundays

La Bici Ruta – every Sunday (8am-12:30pm) A stretch of more than 5 kilometers of Merida roads are closed to traffic, allowing families the opportunity to ride their bikes throughout the downtown area. The Bici Ruta goes from La Ermita de Santa Isabel, north to the San Juan Park to the Main Plaza on Calle […]


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