Roof top view of Progreso

One afternoon, when we were getting our roof fixed in Progreso, we managed to all run up the ladder and have a great view of the city of Progreso! The ladder was quite a tricky little thing to reach our roof and we actually had to have the workers fix it for us before we could get back down. The sun was super bright that day and seemed to reflect off the white roof. Very difficult to get a picture of the boys smiling and looking at the camera.

The lighthouse is just a few blocks away, the ocean is a short block away form the front of the house. You can see the clock on the main plaza tower. And of course the crazy guys flying by in their parachutes. Many of the rooftops have the ‘tanakas’ which are used to hold the water and provide the gravity necessary to have running water in these homes. We have two tanakas on our roof which need very badly to be cleaned if anyone knows anybody who does this! (Hint: Rob!) The city pumps in the water to our cistern which is at ground level, and then our pump moves it to the roof for our daily consumption. The city pressure is almost non-existant and we get a trickle of water, sometimes a solid trickle to fill the cistern. If you are bringing any plumbing from home, it is worth researching if the faucets/shower heads will work on gravity pressure! Many people here are trying to sell taps which will not work as they do not have the pressure for them.

The view was spectacular and I wish we could put a roof top patio on our house! The boys continually request that we climb the roof and the other day Grammy discovered Evan to be about 3 houses over on somebody else’s roof. BAD EVAN!

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