Ice Skating Liverpool Mall Merida

We have started going ice skating at Liverpool Mall in Merida. Whoever thought that we would try to teach our boys how to skate in Mexico! We are trying to do this every week, but sometimes it is hard to leave the pool! However, when we do get there, the boys love it.I am going to start paying for them to have lessons as it is 40 pesos $3.25 CDN) for every 30 minutes! We have done this one time already and the improvement is amazing! We are hoping that next time they visit Canada, they will be able to go skating with their friends! They won’t be hockey players but will be able to move around the ice comfortably. It does cost 80 pesos for them to rent skates and have unlimited skating for the day. Last time we went Noah came off the ice to eat a couple of times and then went back out skating again. Evan did not leave the ice for 3 hours! He made some new friends and was skating with our other friends as well. We are trying to make this a weekly outing and enjoy watching them as they learn and improve.

Noah doing the Gangham Style on Skates

Evan skating a lap!

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  1. Diane Maycotte says:

    We will be in Merida as our family vacation, 8 of us, spanning 3 generations and are looking for traditional activities to do while we are there from the 22 – 26 of Dec. such as a posada, ect…Also, where can we go Christmas Day for lunch? Will museums or Celestun be open Christmas Day?
    Many thanks, Diane

  2. Angela Duffy says:

    Hi there,
    You guys are living our dream. Good for you.
    We are from Edmonton…looking at moving to Merida. We have travel thru Mexico many times and have fallen in love with Merida. Hoping you can help us…

    My husband and I are professional figure skating coaches. We are trying to contact the Merida Skating club. I assumed that they would have a contact on line, but we can’t find one. Any help with a connection to the skating club would be helpful…

    Thanks for the inspiration,

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