Visa Information FM3 checklist


This checklist was given to us by another agency on what we would need to apply for an FM3 Visa.


Checklist of documents:

ü  Copy of your passport.

ü  Tourist visa (FMM) given to you at the port of entry in Mexico.

ü  Copy of proof of your legal address in Yucatan (electricity, water or phone bill not older than 2 months). It does not have to be under your name.

ü  Copy of your last 3 bank account statements reflecting that you have enough income to live in Mexico: at least 1,200-1,300 dollars in each month.

ü  For each economic dependant add 650 dollars per month on top of the 1,200-1,300 dollars.

ü  You should also bring for your 2 kids, their birth certificate to show the relation between you, since they will depend economically of you. The birth certificate should have the apostille stamp of the State where it was issued or must be legalized; also it should be translated to Spanish (this last part can be done here in Merida when you come next time).


Five color photos with white background, infant size (2.5 x 3 cm).

  • Three photos taken from the front.
  • Two photos taken from the right, showing the right profile.
  • Applicant must not be wearing glasses in the photo and hair must be behind the ears.
  • Pictures should be taken in a specialized photography studio. Polaroid or cellular phone pictures will not be accepted.

Dues to Immigration

Change from tourist visa to any other category: $491 pesos (onetime payment).

FM3: $1,294 pesos


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  1. Robin says:

    I forget almost all my spanish. But I still sometimes answer the phone like this.

    Okay, so it costs 1200-1300 to live there per month. Is that per person or for a couple?
    The other costs- is there an equation we can use to convert?
    Hey, if your visa is for non profit purposes, does that mean you can’t work while there?

    It’s funny that the utility bill doesn’t have to be under your name!

    What kind of medical insurance are you able to get for down there? Derek is following your reports on our pc also, and shudders to think of medical costs. Personally I thought Mexico was inexpensive, so people go there, but from his experience of Connie being sick, that wasn’t so.

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