Cutting a Mango ~ Yucatan Style!

Days after arriving in the Yucatan, we quickly realized that although mangoes were very tasty, very inexpensive, and could be found everywhere we did not know how to properly slice one up. I researched what seemed like a pretty simple task on the internet only to find most people do not really know how to slice a mango effectively. Even if they claimed they knew how, their expertise did not match up to the little old Yucatecans or vendors on the beaches of Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico.

Here is a quick video I recorded one day a month ago to learn how to cut mangoes like the natives. Very quickly you get the hang of it and find yourself wasting less of the mango and enjoying it much more. A really really sharp knife is imperative! It really is amazing how slicing a mango can become an art form – especially when your income depends on it.



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