First day of school! quiet at last :)

Today was the boys first day of school!

Both boys were very excited but actually went to sleep fairly early and woke up in great moods. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes and fresh strawberries they were ready to be on their way, except for the photo shoot I had arranged for them. The pictures went over well, I think they are getting used to me pulling out a camera to record every event. Noah was of course his crazy little self and even Evan managed a couple of smiles which is a big thing for him in the morning.

So off to school we went, all four of us loaded on the scooter with Lyn wearing the Bakugan back-pack. Made it to school on time, actually a little early and had the chance to meet their teachers. Evan’s teacher is Maria-Jose and he has a class of ten students including his friend David whom he met in summer school. Noah’s is in a class of ten as well. Noah jumped right in and was doing work when we left. Evan was a little more reluctant as there were only girls in his class when we left with one little boy who had just arrived.

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  1. Grammy says:

    Oh, what handsome boys and ready to go, go,go, after that good breakies. I laughed so hard, imagining you all on the scooter. I can’t wait to hear all about your day. Love you all tons, Grammy.

  2. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Thanks so much for the first day of school pictures. As usual, the boys make me laugh – even Noah’s pouts are cute! Their hair is sure getting light now. Of course, when I was out for lunch today, I just had to show the pictures that you’d sent to my I-Phone to everyone. I’m amazed though at how much more vibrant they are on my computer. What a great breakfast – can tell that someone has some extra time in that household!!!!
    It was great to hear from the boys last night. They really did a good amount of work for the first day. I liked when you took the laptop to the place where they were rather than making them come sit in front of the screen. It always seems a bit like they are being “punished” when this happens. Of course, I noticed that after Noah found out that grandpa wasn’t home, he quickly lost interest in the phone call. Grandpa was glad though that even though he wasn’t here for the Skype call, he could hear them when I held the landline up to the computer. What a tech smart family we are becoming!
    Lots of love!

  3. aunt jenn uncle david says:

    well hello fall is in the air in Orangeville, I just love reading your notes on your adventure.
    All is well at Walmsley’s Kate has moved to Toronto and JD is unroute there shoretly.
    David is working and I am keeping busy with wonderful friends and family.

    Miss y
    Love reading your stories.
    so much fun.
    HUGS a jennifer

  4. Jackie / Diane says:

    Noah’s faces make me laugh! I am never that cheery in the morning either but his faces would help!

    This is a request too though for some pics of Kurt and Lyn, not just the boys! We want to see how you ALL are doing! :)

    miss you guys!

    J & D

  5. Lisa Pilon says:

    They are so cute! I hope they enjoy school down there and make quick friends. It was Bryce’s first day at school and on the bus yesterday and he really enjoyed it! The boys ask about them all the time and wonder when we can go to Evan and Noah’s house. Though I explain to them that you’ve moved to Mexico and that it takes a really long time to get there, they still ask every few days…
    We miss you!

  6. Robin says:

    How on earth do you all fit on that scooter?
    then again, that’s what they do in mexico! Like the first nations people here, a dozen in a car for four.

    somehow i had envisioned both you and lynn having a scooter, or all of you in a compact car.

    I forgot to ask you how you saw the pylons while parallel parking with the car? pylons are only 16″ tall, right?

    As you see, i get really involved in your life while i’m reading about it.

    • Kurt says:

      We all fit pretty good on the scooter;) I think we will try to purchase another one soon so that we can be a little more mobile and maybe travel a little further if we choose to. Down the road a car purchase may occur, but I am not sure why we would need one.
      Yes the pylons were a little bit bigger and you could see them over the hood and trunk of the car.

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