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We recently required the services of a dentist for our family. Evan had a severe cavity again and part of his tooth had broken away. We decided to give the Smile Specialists in Merida, Yucatan a try. We are so glad that we found this dentist and have since been back for teeth cleanings and cavities to be filled. Dr. Ermilo speaks fluent English and spent much of his dental career in the United States before relocating his family to Merida.

Dr. Ermilo Cervera Gasque, operates the Smile Specialists located on Calle 20 #323 x 19A y21, Las Alamos which is located south of Alta Brisa mall and is very easy to get to and find. There is lots of parking in front on the street and a very comfortable waiting room. The office is a newly renovated house and has all the look and feel of a dental office from Calgary.

The boys go upstairs to the Pediatric Dentistry office with Dr. Mauricio Estrada Martin. They LOVE him! I have never seen kids so excited to go to the dentist. I know I certainly did not enjoy visits to the dentist. however Dr. Mauricio really takes good care of them. The boys were so excited that one time they came out shouting: “He has bubblegum scented gloves!” They were so excited.

We all went for a teeth cleaning, I stayed downstairs with Dr. Ermilo and the boys RAN upstairs! I was early for my appointment so I sat on the leather couches reading my kindle until he was ready for me. The cleaning went perfectly and Dr. Ermilo was fantastic. I am comparing him to my dentist in Calgary where we would have the dental hygenist clean our teeth and the doctor would walk by and tell a joke, say hello, and be on his way. This is not how Dr. Ermilo works, he is the person who does the cleaning and inspects your teeth. This was a big shock to me and I mentioned it to him. He says that people who come to his office, come because of him and he must ensure they are properly taken care of.

After my cleaning was completed, I thought I would head upstairs and see how the boys were doing. They were sitting at Dr. Mauricio’s desk playing cards! Then Noah showed me how to blow up balloons using the dentists air drill! After they picked out their little prize for being good we headed downstairs to book the appointment for their cavities to be filled. The following week we returned to have their cavities filled and they literally raced up the stairs to fight for who got to go first!

If you would like to contact Smile Specialists you can call Dr. Ermilo at 999.943.1310

or by email: Dr. Ermilo Email

Please see below the price list that Dr. Ermilo provided us (please note that prices are in Mexican Pesos and are subject to change):

Smile Specialists Pricing

General and Restorative Dentistry…… Dr. Ermilo Cervera Gasque and Dr. Floricel Rosel Guzman
Dental Cleaning and Polishing $450
Composite Filling $550
Porcelain fused to Metal Crown $3,200
Metal free EMAX crowns $5,300
Porcelain Veneers $5,000
Complete Dentures (set) $15,500
Implant/Metal Abutment/Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown $21,000

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Mauricio Estrada Martin
Composite Fillings$450
Pit and Fissure Sealant$350/tooth
Dental Cleaning and Topical Fluoride Application$450


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  1. Tammy says:


    Please tell me what currency are these prices in? Ive heard prices in Mexico for dentistry are much cheaper.
    Thanks alot for these posts,

    • Kurt says:

      These prices are all in Mexican pesos. I believe that most dental work completed here is less expensive than anywhere in Canada or the USA. Merida is a hotspot for people coming to get dental work done while they are here for a holiday! Seems like a weird way to spend a holiday to me, but for some people the savings from dental work in the States pays for the holiday as well!

      You would have to contact Dr. Ermilo directly to learn more about the pricing and what would apply to your situation.

      The B&B we stayed at in Merida, Cascadas de Merida, has frequent visitors who choose to combine a relaxing holiday in Centro with a visit to the dentist!

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