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Well after looking at over 25 homes to rent this week all over Merida we have finally found one that we both agree on! We have decided the community of Progreso, just 15 minutes outside of Merida, is the best spot for us to experience Mexico for the upcoming year. We found a home which fits our budget and offers a lot of the items we are looking for, mainly a pool that you can actually swim in. While we are unsure about the sand blowing in off the beach, we figure that for a year it will be a great experience. The town of Progreso is developing everywhere as it is a fairly new port for some cruise ships, which we can see docked in the distance from our patio.

The house itself is a three bedroom, two down stairs and the master bedroom upstairs, with 3 bathrooms (in Mexico every bedroom gets their own bathroom – go figure!). Great main deck that is half covered overlooking a good sized pool and trampoline with the Gulf of Mexico right in front of us. It will need some love in the decorating department, but for a furnished home it is not too bad especially for what we have seen over the past week. Most homes that were furnished we would have asked them to remove the furniture! The master bedroom is huge the entire top floor of the house and has a deck that is covered overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Evan and Noah will probably share a room which currently has two bunk beds in it and is a very big room! We may move the day bed from the master bedroom into their room as well as there is so much space. They have their own blue bathroom right in their bedroom and the shower has a locking door to the outside of the house so that when they come in from the beach they will have to walk through their shower first!!

The beach extends for miles in either direction in front of our house and we have been told the water stays very shallow for a long way into the gulf. We saw many little wooden boats docked for the Mayan fishermen. Cannot wait for some fresh fish!! Also we have been told and read that there is no undertow to speak of which means it is a pleasure to swim there.

The town of Progreso has a lot to offer and while not as big as the million people in Merida, which is only 15 minutes away, we have heard there are about 50,000 people living in Progreso but Wikipedia says only 35,519. Many residents of Merida spend July & August in Progreso at their summer homes. The seaside promenade, the ‘malecom,’ is being constructed right now and looks beautiful lined with restaurants, stores, and markets. As a tourist destination there is always something to do, or another tour to go on and we look forward to exploring the Yucatan with our boys.

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  1. Raquel says:

    Oh my! The name of this place (Progresso) is the same with the place where i grow up with my grandparents in Philippines (Progreso), it only has one “s”. How will i ever forget the name of the place where u guys are moving. Lovely place, i miss the beach in my home town.

  2. Hi Kurt and Lyn
    The pictures of the house you will be renting look great. Think you will probably be able to suffer through this experience for a year.
    Still am not sure if our comments are making it through to you and at 75cents a minute we don’t have much wiggle room to check everything out.
    We are now into our 2 final days at sea. Rolling waves = rolling stomach.
    Love Mom and Dad

  3. Mario says:

    Glad to see you found a place you like, and even happier it is on the beach – now we have friends with a place on the beach, 20 mins from Las Fincas.

    Look forward to seeing you again, let Ivonne and I know how we can help with anything before your move.

  4. lfmadmin says:

    Mario, we will definitely be in touch and as soon as we purchase the bbq, you guys will be invited out. We actually don’t take possession of the beach property until August 1, until then we may be renting in Chelem, or downtown Merida. Thank you for your hospitality on Sunday and we will see you soon.

  5. jasmine says:

    Congratulations for finding this beautiful house in Progresso !We will need to have the name of the agent who worked with you when I come back to Merida next fall propably . Jasmine

  6. Robin says:

    oooolalalala…..what a dream home! So clean and bright!

  7. Robin says:

    A lot of beds to rest on. I like the day bed.
    I see you even have a rocking chair!
    Love the table cloth in your dining room area.
    Beautiful bathrooms
    I think we all should chip in a buy this place for a family holiday place, after your year.
    So unlike the Mexico I have seen.

    I’m impressed and so delighted that you will have such a place to live.

    I’m going to make sure Gram and Ben get your blog address.

    Love Robin

  8. Rob says:

    Ummm… which is my room? I promise not to burn spaghetti again.

    • lfmadmin says:

      I hear WestJet flies direct! with two sets of bunkbeds for all the boys and a room for you, Lisa, and the new baby! we may keep you out of the kitchen but we do have better pots now that will clean much easier than the last time you cooked at our house!

  9. Alex Garding says:

    We really hope that maybe we can come for a visit during the year you are living on the Gulf of Mexico.
    Adios Amigos

    • lfmadmin says:

      Hello Garding Family!
      We would love to have you guys come down for a visit! Alex would love the pool and the trampoline. Evan wants to show him the new flip he has learned. He thinks he is sooo good now that today he did a standing back flip into our friends pool…. Scared the living daylights out me! Needless to say he does not get to do flips into pools anymore and can only do them on trampolines with proper supervision.

      Noah is looking forward to feeding iguana’s bananas! But he is not sure why he would give away one of his many ‘snacks’.

  10. Miriam Ploetner says:

    We are a German family of 4, currently living in the USA and in the progress of moving down to Merida! While doing some research on the internet I found your blog. It looks like your family is enjoying the time in Mexico very much :)
    My husband and I will be in Merida for a “look and see” trip as well as some “house hunting” at the end of April and were hoping to get some advice regarding rentals, location and a referral for an agent to work with.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Take care,

    • Kurt says:

      Hi Miriam,
      I have just sent you a personal email with some information. Good luck with the move to Merida and enjoy your trip to Merida in April!
      Do you have a place to stay while you are in Merida this April? Cascadas de Merida is an excellent starting point for a bed & breakfast and Ellyne and Chucho, the hosts, are an unbelievable wealth of information! I would highly recommend staying with them over a hotel. They are located in centro which is a good base to explore the city.


  11. Michelle says:


    We are an American family of 6, having been travelling the world ( currently in eastern Europe) for the last 3.5 years we have spotted Merida/ Progreso area as our future more permanent destination. I am enjoying your blog and was hoping you could give me more insight on Progreso with kids. Are you happy with your choice over Merida? My two youngest boys are 10 and 11. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance,


    • Kurt says:

      Hi Michelle!
      We are definitely happy with choosing to live in Progreso over Merida. Progreso is a somewhat quiet beach town of 35,000 people or so. The population expands quite a bit over the holidays as it seems everybody who lives in Merida, also owns or rents a beach front property in Progreso. I would definitely recommend renting for a period of time as you determine if you like the lifestyle and amenities of Progreso. Depending on whether you have to drive your children to school or sporting events on a regular basis will really play a big part in deciding where is better to live.

      I guess where you live is dependent on what you need for amenities and if you mind driving for them. We like shopping at the local food market in Progreso for our fruits and vegetables. We have bought pork and chicken products from the meat markets since arriving last year and are very happy with the quality and price of buying fresh products. Some people need to shop at Costco and Super WalMarts, we are not those people! We do not mind going into ‘the city’ once or twice a month for extra things or for an adventure, but we do not have to go all the time which really also saves us money. But the north end of the city is really only a 25 minute drive away on a 8-lane divided highway and you can be at Sam’s Club shopping to your hearts content quite quickly! There is a movie theater in Progreso which shows both English and Spanish movies. There are many restaurants in Progreso, many of them obviously serving fresh local fish and other delicious entrees while Merida definitely offers more to the adventurous diners.

      Progreso does not have traditional ‘fast food’ establishments which certainly helps with our diet and how we spend our money. Burger King and McDonalds will easily cost our family 250 – 300 pesos each visit ($18-$25 CDN) which is very high here. You can find Mexican fast food for as little as 3 pesos a taco, eat 4 of them for less than a $1CDN and you are extremely happy :) We are quite happy having McDonalds once every couple of months instead of the once a week we experienced while living in Canada.

      It is more difficult to get your children involved in any sports in Progreso, but our boys are both enjoying Taekwondo and soccer and they are kept busy 4 nights a week. There are several great schools in Progreso, all of which provide the education which is the same across Mexico and is governed by SEP. Some of them may seem better than others, but all kids are different and what may be good for one may not be good for another child.

      Evan & Noah really seem to be enjoying living in Progreso. They love having the pool in the backyard, a necessity here for the hot weather. Our family time is certainly enjoyed more as the kids are done school by 1pm every day. They have met many English speaking children and now that they are more comfortable with Spanish, we seem to be having Spanish children for play dates over to our house on a regular basis. The biggest concern we had was how quickly they could learn Spanish, and they are adapting quite well. Our youngest already has the Spanish accent, which is really apparent when he is reading in English!

      Good luck with your travels and would love to meet with you and your family when you arrive!


  12. Maxine says:

    Has your family been living in Mexico long? My family lives in Merida. We have only been living here since last October 2011 and we are still learning about the place. My daughter goes to the Montessori school in Merida but I’m not sure if she is learning enough or not. I want to explore other private schools in Merida. I’m looking for a school that would instruct the classes in English but she would still have her Spanish class. She needs a lot of help in math and I don’t see that she is learning a whole lot in that subject. I don’t want her to fall too far behind in math. Does the schools here offer the same subjects like in Canada or the U.S.? Like Science, music, art, history, geography, etc….? What is the required curriculum here? Your insight would be very appreciated.

    Thank you.


    • Kurt says:

      Hi, we have only been in Mexico for a year so far but have met many families who have children in the school system here. We find that most of the kids are all following the same SEP program by the Mexican government and all take similar standardized tests. Our understanding is that every school must follow the government standards and are tested according to those standards. We have found that our children are ahead in math compared to their friends in Canada. Our youngest in kindergarten has already learned addition and subtraction and we are amazed at his learning. Our son in grade two has already learned multiplication and division and we believe he is also doing very well in math and may be ahead of the Canadian curriculum. Our initial goal is for the boys to learn Spanish fluently and then we will address the education at the school they attend. All the schools in Merida seem to offer something different which is appealing to different families. We chose a small school initially to ensure our boys would learn the language in a friendly environment where we could be an active part of their education.

      I do know that Kumon offers courses here and we know of people who have their children taking the extra math tutorials to help their children get a grasp of math. We have not seen a need for this yet.

      We have heard that most schools teach the subjects in Spanish, and yes they all have the base classes but as our boys are in primary school we are not sure about all the options available to older students. Some schools will teach some subjects in Spanish and some in English in addition to the Spanish and English language classes. I am not sure if there are any schools which teach subjects in English like an American or Canadian school.

      I am not sure if my insight helped you a lot or not:) I think that if you are concerned about her math, then Kumon may be a great option for you in Merida.

      • Maxine says:

        Thank you very much for your response. It was very helpful. I never heard of Kumon. Have you heard anything about The Workshop. A Spanish friend of mine told me that The Workshop was a good school. The school your sons go to sounds very good.

        • Kurt says:

          Hi again! I do not know anything about the Workshop school except for the initial tour we took. It is very exclusive and small and is one of the most expensive schools we had looked at. I do not know anyone with children attending that school at this time but I will ask my friends and see if they know of anyone.

  13. michelle says:

    first to apologize for my lack of punctuation this keyboard is from Serbia. Thank you for your reply. we will be arriving in about 2 weeks and doing our house hunting. Our two youngest Noah and aaron are 11 and 10 and we are considering schools also mostly for the language. I love Montessori, Can you tell me more about your choice of school? I also look forward to meeting up when we arrive…any large houses available near the beach?

    • Kurt says:

      Hello, Good luck with your house hunting! If you don’t find anything right away, just rent for a short period of time until you find the home you want to stay with. This may cost a little more, but will be worth it in the long run.
      We chose the Progreso Montessori school due to its small size and the friendliness of the owner, Debbie. We knew that our children would get the attention they needed and be able to learn Spanish quickly in a smaller environment than some of the other schools in the area.
      There are always houses on the beach to rent! You could contact our previous landlord, Nellie, through the website: she is a fantastic landlord and if the house isn’t rented yet, she is looking for people.

      Look forward to meeting with you when you arrive!


  14. Mary Alice says:

    I just found your blog. Progresso sounds exactly what I am looking for when I retire soon.
    I am wondering if you decided to stay on in Progresso? I think you house rental started from August 1, 2011. Today is August 9, 2012.
    Did you know which 25 houses you wanted to look at before you chose your home or did you just wait until you got to Progresso and find an agent and then look and choose? I am wondering how much has to be done in advance.

    • Kurt says:

      Hi there, yes we have decided to stay in Progreso and have rented another home there. We went early to Merida and found a house to rent before we actually moved. We had made contact with realtors before we got there but we discovered new realtors once in the area and used them to help find the house we rented. Because we made the move with children, we wanted to have everything arranged to make it as smooth as possible.
      If you cannot get here ahead of time to plan for your year, I would definitely recommend renting a home for a month or two to get a feel for the area. There are lots of areas to choose from, even in Progreso and everyone’s needs are different.
      Good luck with the house hunting!

  15. Leslie says:

    I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. You provide so much useful information. I sent my recently retired husband down to Progreso from Winnipeg on January 1st, 2013. He was supposed to search out rental accomodations for us for three months next year when I will be retired as well. Well, today he put in an offer on a house! He has fallen in love with the whole community. Regardless of whether we get that house or not it seems we will be spending next winter in your adoptive home. I look forward to your future posts and hope you won’t mind answering a few questions if I have concerns in the future. Cheers! Leslie

    • Kurt says:

      Thank you for the nice comments! Glad to hear of new people heading down this way. Don’t rush in to buying, make sure you are familiar with the area first. There are a lot of reasons NOT TO BUY in every area, make sure you research the NOT TO’s more than the Have to’s!
      We would love to answer questions that you may have about relocating to the Progreso area.

  16. Tammy says:

    So happy to have found your web blog.I am in the process of booking flights for myself and 4 of my children. (We are also from Calgary..) I have always homeschooled them but am eager to find out more about the Progresso area.Any chance you are still there? We are renting a place the month of june there and would love to talk to you.


    • Kurt says:

      Hi Tammy, yes we are still here and are always looking to meet new families!
      Let’s get together in June when you arrive.

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