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So, a question we are often asked: Does it RAIN in Progreso? Well, we are definitely located right on the Gulf of Mexico, so afternoon storms do occur but not as frequently as you would expect. When we lived in Merida for the first month of our adventure, many years ago, we began to rely on the rain coming EVERY day at about 3pm. This torrential downpour would occur daily for about 30 minutes to 2 hours and then disappear again and the sun would come out for the evening.

In Progreso, it sometimes seems as though we are in a little bubble. We can see the rain that is flooding Merida to the south, but we may be enjoying a fantastic afternoon of sunshine! However, when it rains – it really rains! There is no messing around and we can get inches of water in less than an hour which very quickly flood the streets. The good news is that normally the water on the streets will magically disappear within a couple of hours after the rain.

We do have a port for large cruise ships, which we receive two to three of per week and it is always nice to see good weather for the tourists which flock to our beaches and surrounding tourist attractions. Most of the time, we see great weather for these, but occasionally there is rain. The terrible “Nortes”, winds blowing from the north across the Gulf of Mexico can be quite annoying and will sometimes bring not only heavy winds, but also rain storms. The last Norte we had was a “Dry Norte” and that was very annoying! I had just cleaned the pool and it was looking perfect… then the dry norte arrived…I gave up and emptied the pool so I could clean it again and fill it with fresh water two days later after the norte had blown through.

Average rainfall appears to be highest in September at 93.6 INCHES and a low in March of less than an inch of rain. There are typically about 7 rainy days a month in September and less than two during January to May. I am not sure I believe these stats as it seems we do have a few more rainy days than that. BUT what I can tell you is that we have certain board games that we only play on rainy days, like RISK. We have not played this game for over 6 weeks now as we have not had a seriously rainy day where we could do nothing. This is how our family tracks ‘rainy days’ – by the board games we play!

Here are some photos of a rain storm that we had in February of this year. I am not sure that we have had any rain since this time. Maybe a little ‘chippichippis’ (drizzle in local slang). These pictures were taken as we were driving out of town on Calle 35 right near Calle 78.

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