Planned Pethood Mexico in Progreso Yucatan – Go Team Lesley!

The 3rd Annual Free Spay/Neuter Clinic was an amazing success in Progreso, Yucatan! A new record was set in this beach town of 415 animals in one day and a two day total of 750 pets spayed or neutered. Many thanks go out to the volunteers who help make this possible. Special thanks go out to the veterinarians and their assistants who travel from around the world to help make this event a success.

At the end of the six days in the Yucatan, a total of 1975 animals were spayed or neutered by these volunteer veterinarians and assistants helped by countless other volunteers. The Planned Pethood Mexico operated on four days in Merida, and two days in Progreso.

Our family was especially lucky to have volunteered and be able to help Team Lesley catch over 100 animals from the streets and have them spayed or neutered. Lesley has, for the last two years, fed the dogs on the docks of Progreso in an effort to gain the friendship of both the animals and the local fisherman. I had the opportunity to go with Team Lesley on one of the expeditions to recover more dogs from the pier and it was simply amazing to watch the local fisherman help capture the dogs who needed a very important visit to the clinic.

Lyn, Evan & Noah were part of Team Lesley’s recovery section and their duties included massaging the dogs as they recovered from surgery, tick removal, and then observing and playing with them as they woke up. Noah & Evan fell in love with several puppies, especially ‘Peanut” who almost came home with us! On the day we were part of the team we saw over 35 puppies brought in from the street and adopted to new families instead of being released back to the street.

Thank you Lesley for allowing our family the opportunity to help you!

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  1. Colleen Kubinec says:

    I have always wanted to volunteer at a spay/neuter event such as this. Any suggestions on getting on a volunteer list?

    • Kurt says:

      There is a Planned Pethood International group on Facebook where you can follow them and see where they are going next. I also just found their website at
      I am not sure how to get in touch with the people locally to volunteer but I will try to find out more information and will post it here for future readers.

      If anybody knows this information, please post it here!
      Thank you.

  2. zane says:

    I think that is awesome! wow thats alot of dogs. I am thinking about moving to progreso from U.S. and i saw that there was a huge problem with dogs. i am a dog lover and was wondering what i could do. what are the current resources and people participating in this doggy resecue. any and all information will be helpful since i am trying to put a plan of my own together that will assist your goals.

    thank you

  3. stacy says:

    Hi – I’m not an authority but I think this could be some good contact information for getting a little closer to things going on with planned pethood in progreso. Planned Pethood in Merida, Yucatan For More Information: Phone: 999-944-2310.

    I also found this on the yucatan living web site:

    Help the Dogs of Mexico!
    If you want to do something to help the dogs in the Yucatan, donate time, money or supplies to the local animal shelter. Find out more here…

    Planned Pethood
    Location: Calle 10 #344 x 3 y 3C
    Colonia Gonzálo, near CostCo
    Nelson and Tony (both speak English)
    Tel: 999-944-2310
    Emergencies: 044-999-156-9806
    actual link to site:

    If you see an animal that needs rescuing badly or if you want to adopt a rescued animal in the Merida/Progreso area, please contact either of these two organizations:

    AFAD (Albergue Franciscano del Animal Desprotegido)
    Director: Lidia Saleh (she speaks some English)
    Tel: 920-5019
    Cel: 044-999-947-6319

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