Christmas Program at Montessori Progreso School 2011


Yayyy, today was the long awaited and very much anticipated Christmas Program at the Montessori school in Progreso. Debbie and the teachers have been working for weeks now teaching the children Christmas songs and how to dance to them. This was Evan & Noah’s first ever production and we were very excited to see it after listening to them practicing Jingle Bells and Santa Clause is Coming to Town for weeks. There was a nice mixture of English and Spanish and it really was cute to see all the kids blaring out the English versions of the songs.

Debbie and the teachers at the Montessori School did a great job of getting ready for this event. The kids have worked on the tree ornaments and the decorations for weeks. Special volunteers like Lyn and Dana came in to help the teachers with their crafts. Some days Lyn came home covered in glitter! Debbie got up super early today and all the decorations you see on the back wall were nailed into the cement blocks with her nail gun. She was up super late the night before making sure the set-up was just right and we certainly enjoyed it.

The festivity started with the Kindergarten children all singing Jingle Bells and performing a dance. Followed by the Grade 1 & 2’s singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town and performing a dance. Then came the Grade 3-6 for their portion of the program. After the program was completed, all the kids marched over to a massive clear pinata box filled with balloons and all the kindergarten children lined up to ‘whack it.’ Noah was actually the child who broke through and released the balloons.

Then off to the Christmas tree where Debbie called every child by name to receive their gift from their Secret Santa. All the children had wrapped a gift for their Secret Santa recipient and had to wait patiently for the whole week as the presents sat beneath the Christmas tree in the school. After everyone received their present and opened it with their friend, Debbie then called everyone up again to give them their personalized stocking crammed full of candy!

There was a buffet of food served by the teachers with some very good looking items. Noah decided to pass on the food and ate two pieces of the chocolate cake. If somebody reads this and knows the food items, please let me know so I can put it in here.

Videos below of the boys performances are below the slideshow. I recommend clicking on the play button then pausing right away so it has time to load…watch the grey bar – when it is all the way to the right, then press play and enjoy the little video. The files are over 22mb each so they take a little bit to load, please be patient then enlarge the video with the button in the corner and enjoy the show!

 Merry Christmas Everyone and see you in the New Year!

Feliz Navidad!

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Noah and Kindergarten Classes – Noah is back row right – the blond kid!

Evan and Grade 1/2 Classes – Evan is back row right – the blond kid!

Santa Clause is Coming to Town – Evan is back right again – still blond!


Pinata Crushing – Thankfully they were balloons and not candy!


5 Responses to “Christmas Program at Montessori Progreso School 2011”

  1. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Hi guys. What a beautiful Christmas concert. Evan and Noah both did a great job of dancing and singing. Noah you did a great job of breaking that pinata! And I’m impressed with Evan’s fancy footwork in those sandals. Too bad that the grandmas had to miss this but the videos are wonderful.

  2. Robin says:

    That is a nice tree an ornaments- home made.
    Yeayy Noah for breaking the pinata!

  3. Val and barry says:

    It was great to see the boys performing at their Christmas concert.

  4. Juanita Stein says:

    I’m looking for contact info for this school. can you help? Please email it to me. Thanks!

    • Kurt says:

      The contact who speaks English at the school and is also the administrator is Deborah Daguer and her email is
      The phone number is (993)5-39-35. Very soon this school will have a website launched as well but for now this is the best way to contact Debbie!
      Registration for next year is now open!

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