Evan’s 8th Bday in Mexico and Easter Week-end

Evan has been having his birthday ‘week’ since the end of March when he had his school birthday party. Because we have been on holidays now for two weeks, he has had the chance to have lots of play times with friends. On the day before his birthday we went to Peter Piper’s Pizza and met up with our friend Stephanie and her children Alejandro, and Alicia and the kids all played for a couple of hours on the games collecting as many coupons as they could. Tuesday is 2 for 1 tokens so you almost feel like you are getting your money’s worth out of the games. Evan & Noah have been saving their coupons to buy the Sponge Bob Monopoly game which is worth 6000 coupons… Maybe next time I hope as we are just passing the 5000 mark now! After the pizza we let the kids play  in the park in the City Center mall complex and they had a great game of tag for a couple of more hours.

Evan’s birthday was going to be a quiet day at home playing games and swimming in the pool. We were pleasantly surprised to see his best friend from school, Anahi and her brother Alan, at our doorstep in the early afternoon. Their mother left them here for the afternoon and Evan got to share his birthday dinner with them, fajitas. I must say the fajitas were the best fajita’s I have ever made! Their mother returned with a cake and candles for his birthday as well which was very much appreciated! This cake was fabulous but was definitely different, it had what looked like freshly shaved white chocolate on the top – this was actually cheese (kind of like Parmesan). When you cut into it the cake was layered with more shredded cheese in the layers and covered with cream. While I was very skeptical at first, we all tried it and loved it! The flavors were amazing. I decorated the cake with pieces from Evan’s new Angry Birds Board Game and the candles were actually the type that you could not blow out very easily which kept the kids amused for a few minutes. The kids spent the afternoon playing in the pool, then playing lego inside, then watching Ratatouille in espanol!

On the day before Easter, we all decorated our hard boiled eggs with the kits Lyn had brought back from Canada. This was, I believe, the first Easter in a long time where Grandma & Grandpa were not there to paint the eggs with the boys. Grandma was very sad and was missing us greatly at this time of year, despite of the fact that she already had a full house for the family Easter dinner. It is definitely the holidays which make you miss your family and friends.

We were invited to an Easter Brunch Polish style at our friends Dorota and Gulam’s house with another family which we were meeting for the first time. Dorota put out a beautiful brunch of salads, cold cuts, hard boiled eggs, caprese salad, fruit platters and much more! The kids all played and swam in the pool until I decided it was time for me to go and watch the final day of the Masters golf tournament! Yayy for Bubba Watson winning his first major.

On Saturday, we will be having more friends over to the house for Evan’s last day of birthday week celebrations and we will be having ‘dirt & worms’ for his cake!

Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes to Evan on his 8th birthday!

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2 Responses to “Evan’s 8th Bday in Mexico and Easter Week-end”

  1. John Sun says:

    It was such a coincidence to have met you and your family in Progresso having lunch last Saturday. I hope I haven’t creep you out too much.
    Just returned back in Calgary last night after 12 glorious days in the Yucatan. I would like to thank you very much for your insights (from your blog) about life in Mexico.
    Hope to bump into you again in the future.


    • Kurt says:

      Hi John!
      It was very nice to meet you and I am glad that you had a great vacation in the Yucatan. Evan thinks that he is now famous and wants to know why the rest of his family is not famous! I told him it was that crazy head of blond hair that did it.

      We always enjoy meeting new people and are really trying to provide helpful information to people visiting the Yucatan. Sometimes our blog is too family oriented, instead of just informational, but that is how it all started. We are trying to provide insight into our daily lives to our family and friends back home.

      Wish you the best back in Calgary and maybe we will bump into you again sometime!

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