Xplosion Diversion Xtrema – Birthday Extavaganza part 1

Xplosion Diversion Xtrema! how fun is this!!

After the Portugal Circus left the Chedraui parking lot in Merida, we thought it would be some time before another event was set up, boy were we wrong. Immediately after cleaning up the circus, Xplosion Diversion Xtrema moved into town. Just to give you an idea, take every bouncie house you have ever seen, then make them bigger and put them into one safely contained area. This was definitely what I would classify as a Disney approved area!

Of course we were there right at opening time! We really do enjoy having places to ourselves and I believe there was only 2-3 other groups of people there for our first hour and half or so. After two hours, more people started to arrive but we were heading off to a special birthday dinner at Pancho’s in Merida so it worked out perfectly for us.

These bouncer play areas were simply amazing. They were massive and seemed to have something that appealed to everyone. Some like the giant Cars race course were obstacle courses; giant pinball machines where you bounced off the sides on your day down the super slide; giant one-eyed monsters which you raced your opponent up the side stairs and zipped down the slide. These bouncer play areas had something to offer to all ages and we saw a teenagers having as much fun as the kids. Parents with their smaller kids on their laps racing down the slides with the kids giggling all the way.

At every bouncer play area, there was a person to tell you the rules. If it was a race, they would set you up, spin you around and blow the whistle to send you off! The boys loved racing through the obstacle courses.

Grandma & Grandpa managed to sit this one out, instead enjoying some beverages on the nearby Molini patio. They were able to see us from there as we entered certain sections of the bouncer play areas.

The attention to detail for safety at Xplosion Diversion Xtrema was great: pylons marking and covering stakes in the ground, properly sectioned off areas behind the scenes, rules posted on every ride, an attendant at every ride, people constantly sweeping the turf, electrical cords covered with proper covers, etc! I would definitely recommend this to anyone for a couple of hours of entertainment. The cost was a little bit high but in Evan’s words: “this was the best birthday present EVER!”

Individuals: 95 pesos
Family of Four: 350 pesos
Family of Six: 500 pesos

There was senor pricing and other packages available as well. You MUST have socks to enter, they do sell them at the door and they are only 15 pesos each pair which we thought was very reasonable. There was a small kiosk set up where you could buy food and beverages to enjoy while you are in the park.

Noah had just had a face painting day at school and we did not get all of the make-up washed off his face for two more days! That is an explanation on why his face is looking a little bit different!

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  1. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Too bad we had to “sit this one out” but Grandpa was suddenly overcome with a burst of miserly behaviour and he decided that it was “not right” that we should have to pay to watch the kids play. Further to this miserly moment, he was also overcome with an unusual burst of stubbornness and he stuck to his guns (for once). So, as the kids went off on one of the best adventure of Evan’s life, we watched from the “free patio” at the restaurant which bordered this area. I comforted myself with margaritas which probably exceed the cost of my admission to the park but was diplomatic enough not to point this out to grandpa who totally believed he had made the right decision!

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