Carnival 2012 Progreso Montessori School King & Queen Crowning Ceremony

On Wednesday, February 15th 2012 the king and queen of the Progreso Montessori school were crowned for Carnival 2012! This event crowned classmates Adian and Kelly as the king and queen and was a sneak peak for family and friends to see the children dance in full costume before the main parade and dance the next day occurring at the central park in Progreso. Our friends from home were visiting and had the opportunity to see both the school party and the main parade through the streets of Progreso.

The children had been practicing for this event for weeks, a dancing instructor was brought into the school. All the costumes are custom made for each child (the boys shirts cost about 30 pesos to have made and we supplied the fabric for them). The seamstress who made the boys shirts was awfully busy at this time of year. The designs for the kings and queens costumes look more like blueprints for highrise towers! If you are participating in Carnival next year, order your costumes early!

Evan & Noah were in the back row on the right side for their dancing performances. You just have to look for the blond heads! Watch them movin’ and groovin’ in the video below! They were so nervous to dance but they both did a fabulous job. So proud of them.

After the dance performance at the school for Carnival 2012, there was a little party of hotdogs, chips and pop for everyone.

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Please allow time for the video to download to your computer if you are watching it. Sometimes if you hit play first, then pause it for a few minutes to let it download is the best way to watch it.

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