Christmas Visitors – Grammy Arrives in Cancun

On December 19th Grammy made the journey all by herself from Calgary to Cancun where we picked her up at the airport. The boys were very excited to travel to the airport but we have been informed now that their ‘butts’ don’t like to drive in the car for 8-10 hours a day!

We drove on the Toll Federal Highway #180  (Autopista Merida – Cancun) from Merida to Cancun (first one was 135pesos then the next one was 235pesos). This is a very straight and unexciting road with a couple of turns here and there and you can drive quite comfortably for the 3 plus hours each way. Upon arrival at the airport, which is easy to get to if you follow the signs. We walked through the airport and waited in the “Meeting Point Cafe,” which is a little cafe outside the arrival ramp leading to the parking lot. This is where all international arrivals walk out when leaving the airport and the turmoil of people trying to help you as you make your way out. The “Meeting Point” had tv monitors which showed you not only the arrivals board, but also a screen was dedicated to a camera pointing to the ramp so you could see who was coming before leaving the comfort of your table. Prices here were not cheap… 3 sodas and two bags of chips ran us about 230 pesos… ouch! but it was the first place we saw the arrival board and we had seats to wait for the arrival. There is another little ‘bar,’ well a little kiosk at the end of the arrival ramp on the corner but we did not see anywhere to sit here, but you could get beverages and chips there also.

On the way home we stopped in Vallodolid, which looks like a beautiful city and we need to explore it much more. We just stopped by the main park and wandered around until we came to a restaurant, Maruja on Calle 41,  serving Mayan food on the corner. Of course we all had different baguettes and they were all very good. There is a large variety of food items here, but we were interested in the sandwiches. Lots of menu choices!

Then after a quick lunch, we wanted to get on the road in the daylight so we continued on the toll road to Merida. The drive was very uneventful, saw some snakes on the road but not much other than that.

The next day was a great day for Grammy, she helped with the finishing touches on the Christmas tree ornaments, played Mexican Monopoly, and learned how to relax in the hammock while having family movie night.

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