Tae Kwon Do Progreso Beach

Evan and Noah’s Taekwondo class had a special week-end training seminar last week on the Malecon of Progreso. Professor Andri and Dan Maximiliano Pinelo,taught the class new techniques and forms. Each session was four hours but everyone loved it and they managed to keep the attention of most of the kids the entire time.

One of the sessions was done on the beach so that the people of the town of Progreso could have an opportunity to see one of the classes offered locally. Studio de Taekwondo Koreano is run by Profr. Andri Villamor and his family in Progreso. Evan and Noah have just started their third year of training with Andri and are very excited for the challenges of the upcoming year.


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  1. Rose says:

    Hi, my family will be on a Western Caribbean cruise between July 7-12, 2014 with a port of call at Progreso. My 13-yr-old grandson will be testing for his black belt in August — are there any classes he could attend on July 9th between 8am and 4pm?

    • Kurt says:

      Hello there! Our taekwondo classes are Tuesday and Thursday after 5pm and again on Saturday mornings. If your grandson was looking to practice his forms on the beach with another student who has their blackbelt already, that might be possible to arrange. Because it is the beginning of summer holidays here, I do not know if anyone will be around! The students only have 4-6 weeks off in the summer before starting again and many families have their holidays in the first weeks of July. Have a great time on your cruise!

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