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Canadian Thanksgiving in Progreso

Last week we decided we would cook a turkey and have our newly found Canadian friends over for a little Thanksgiving Day turkey Canadian style. Dinner was fabulous and special thanks to everyone for bringing an amazing dish and helping make the day memorable. We were a little worried about cooking the turkey in a […]

Beach day at the Costa Club

On Sunday we were invited to spend the day at the Costa Beach Club in Chelem, which is in the town right next to Progreso. This beach club was perfect for the kids. There is a huge play area, large pool (waist deep for kids), beach area, basketball court, soccer field, palapas with hammock hooks. […]

Grandma & Grandpa Schroeder coming to visit!

Title: Grandma & Grandpa Schroeder coming to visit! Description: Debbie & Gunther are coming to visit the grandkids from January 18 to February 13, 2012. YAYYYY! Looking forward to spending time with the parents and taking them on lots of excursions. Told them we found a Caribbean cruise today leaving from Progreso port for only […]

Mexican Independence Day

September 16th was Mexico’s Independence Day which is a really big celebration. I actually drove around town on my scooter in the afternoon taking pictures of all the preparations for the big event. We went to La Pinata for dinner with several other families and friends. Of course we were there right when the restaurant […]

Tae-kwon-do in Progreso

  We took the boys to try out Tae-Kwon-Do on Tuesday night to see if they would enjoy it. There is a class for beginners on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday mornings and the cost per month is 250 pesos ($19.90 CDN) for 12 classes. Evan & Noah really seemed to enjoy it and will be […]

Cutting a Mango ~ Yucatan Style!

Days after arriving in the Yucatan, we quickly realized that although mangoes were very tasty, very inexpensive, and could be found everywhere we did not know how to properly slice one up. I researched what seemed like a pretty simple task on the internet only to find most people do not really know how to […]

First day of school! quiet at last :)

Today was the boys first day of school! Both boys were very excited but actually went to sleep fairly early and woke up in great moods. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes and fresh strawberries they were ready to be on their way, except for the photo shoot I had arranged for them. The pictures […]

Scooter purchase in Progreso

So on Saturday we broke down and decided to make a purchase of some transportation in preparation for the upcoming school year which starts on Monday. We bought a very base model Italika xs125 Scooter for $10,449 pesos ($835 CDN) and came with a helmut. After doing a little bit of research and asking around […]

Progreso on a Sunday

Another day at the beach! Today at 1pm I decided that I would go on a little adventure. I am not sure why I chose the hottest part of the day to walk along the beach for an hour and a half, but hey I needed to sweat a little bit. Of course when asked, […]

Beach Week

Well, it has been just over a week in our new home and we are beginning to settle in. We just had our friends over for an afternoon of swimming and relaxing and watched the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. Really, a pretty good way to spend a day! Without going on any […]

BBQ in Progreso

Today was our second day in Progreso and we are starting to get organized. After buying a lot of home ‘basics’ at the local bodega, which even after we went back to the local stores, we found better pricing at the bodega on just about everything. The bodega store is like a wal-mart but less […]

Ice Skating in Merida

Today, after I picked the boys up from school we took the bus from Progreso to Merida and got off at Liverpool mall. We were going ice skating! This was the second time we have gone skating but this time it was just Evan and myself. Lyn met us after spending the morning getting her […]

Kite making with Chucho

On Friday afternoon we had the pleasure of making kites with Chucho and his great nephew Nigel who is five years old and only speaks Spanish. I do believe Chucho was more excited about the kites than the boys, who after about five minutes of gluing sticks to paper, decided to start running around the […]

Leaving our Dogs Behind

Well, we have come to the realization that traveling with Pugs is not the easiest thing to do especially when we are headed south during the hottest time of the year. After trying our best to research and minimize the costs of transporting two pugs, we realize that our best option may be to leave […]

Montessori School ~ Progreso

MONTESSORI PRIVATE SCHOOL Located one block from the beach in Progreso, Yucatan Mexico, (Calle 56 x21 y23) and just a short drive to Merida, this is a fully accredited Montessori school for kindergarten thru grade 6. This is a well established and fully equipped school, complete with 7 teacher employees and a Principal administrator. Included […]

Alianz School

This school was fabulous! A must see for everyone looking to have their children enrolled in a bilingual school in Merida. A visit to their website, which can be viewed in English, is a must. They have a video walk through which really shows you what the school looks like. Although the swimming pool is […]

St. Patrick’s School

This was one of the first schools we visited. The school is fairly tiny but is looking to build a second floor so that it can add more grades in the future. This looks like a fabulous pre-school and kindergarten facility, and is making the step into primary grades. There is a spacious play area […]

Montessori Lancaster

If your children have been exposed to the Montessori school system, then this school is definitely worth looking at. Our fear at this school for our children, who have little to no Spanish, was that it seemed only one or two people spoke English. Our concern was that in such a difficult transition, communication will […]

The American School

This school was very difficult to find, if you look at a map and follow the street directions… however, if you take a leap of faith and say “hey, it must be over there” you will probably be right. This school was a little disappointing to us, with only 2 cars in the school parking […]

Cumbres School in Merida

One of the last schools we looked at was the Cumbres school for boys. We had heard lots of good things about this school and had to have it on our list to see to ensure we were making the correct decision. This school was beautiful, and while it is a Catholic school, they welcome […]

Travelling with Pugs….need help please

Over the next 4 months we need to discover how to get our two dogs, Norman & George, to Merida. It appears as though most airlines will not let them travel as baggage from April 1 – October 1 due to the extreme heat (above 29 degrees celsius). In order to sit under the seats, […]

Health Care options

We are trying to determine which health care option will be the best for our family. We have received this spread sheet from one company. If you have any comments or ideas on this, we would love to hear from you please!

Costco Pricing

Safe 33.6L: 2500pesos Toshiba 32” tv: 6000pesos Toshiba 40” tv: 7500pesos Phones Cordless 3 pack: 1500pesos 12 AA Batteries: 111pesos Washer/Dryer Maytag: 6000pesos each LG has service for fridges in area Whirlpool fridge:5299pesos Minisplit Carrier Air Conditioner: 8000pesos Storage Bins: 297 pesos Garbage Bags: 185 pesos Milk: 51.90pesos Eggs: 18 for 25.90pesos Corn Flakes: 39.90 […]

Walmart Pricing

One afternoon we walked through the Walmart on Montejo. A quick run down of some of the pricing we found is as follows: Batteries: 8aa for 55pesos ($4.51cdn) Tv’s: 4000pesos – 11000pesos Wii Games: 800pesos xBox Games: 600pesos + Digital Blender: 990 pesos Microwave: 890 pesos + Stove 6 burner gas: 3690 pesos Fridge: 14.3 […]

Valentines Day Breakfast at Cascadas

Ellyn, the ever generous host, creating our special Valentine’s Day mimosa’s and Miguel who prepared our first ever guacamole omeletes! The omelete’s were fabulous, and yes I did have two! And of course any time you put booze in orange juice I am going to be happy. The breakfast table at the Cascadas de Merida […]

Ivonne & Mario

We were fortunate to have met Ivonne & Mario today, who were previous guests at Cascadas de Merida, and have recently relocated to Merida with their family from Monterey. After meeting Ivonne for a sorbet at the Plaza Grande on Sunday, we had a quick buffet downtown (very Mexican) and headed off to their community […]

School Search

Our major mission while visiting Merida was to find a school for our boys to attend in the fall. We choose from a list of schools that we found on Yucatan Living and these schools included: Alianz, The Workshop, IMA, St. Patricks, American school, Montessori Lancaster, and Cumbres. Click on link to discover what we […]

New & Old Friends

We have only been here three days so far and are amazed by the many different people we have met and have had the opportunity to share experiences with.


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