Valentines Day Breakfast at Cascadas


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Ellyn, the ever generous host, creating our special Valentine’s Day mimosa’s and Miguel who prepared our first ever guacamole omeletes! The omelete’s were fabulous, and yes I did have two! And of course any time you put booze in orange juice I am going to be happy.

The breakfast table at the Cascadas de Merida is always beautifully set and we anxiously await the main dish which is always a secret. Fresh fruit with yogurt and granola, pastries made locally (except for the Madelines from costco!!) are amazing, and then you get to the hot dish which only has eggs sometimes, not more than 3 days in a row is always a house specialty. Lyn quite often tells me that we are not having lunch, so I get to eat extra breakfast to carry me through to dinner!

Here are some pictures of Ellyn & Chucho and some of the guests that were staying here at Cascadas this morning. Claire (Winnipeg) & Ardette (Calgary), Robert (Denver) & Jasmine (Vancouver, Denver, Algeria), and of course Kurt & Lyn (Calgary).

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  1. jasmine says:

    We shared an experience in Merida which will remain in our heart and soul for ever !Allow me to express once again my admiration for your courage and unic determination to experience life in a complete different environment among the nice and kind people of the Yucatan .I have no doubt that your brave step will be a success .Your kids will be enriched in a new culture and will acquire an additional language,Spanish ,one of the most spoken language on earth.They will open up to a most diverse world.Your good hearts and human commitment will be a great asset to the people of the Yucatan .
    If you decide to extend your stay,you will see us coming to see you and ,may be,join you!I could not refrain my tears when the plane took off to the Us.Merida is a place where I felt at home.You two made me feel more at home.Our very best wishes .Jasmine and Robert.

    • lfmadmin says:

      Hopefully we shall meet again!
      Hope you are doing well back in Denver, I know it is the second day of spring here in Calgary and we are receiving another 30cm of snow…. July cannot come soon enough for us! Thank you for all your great advice and we are looking forward to our adventure.

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