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Progreso Montessori School Library Trip

Today, Debbie with the Montessori school in Progreso, decided it would be a good day for the children to go see the town library. The library is located in the cultural center and is a big part of things in the city of Progreso. In our Casa de la Cultura, we have partaken in many […]

Paddle boarding in Progreso

We have been lucky enough to have a paddle board stored at our house and have taken it out to the Gulf every once in a while. This day we took grammy out to the beach with us while she was here on her three week vacation. While she did not stand and paddle around, […]

First day of school 2014 Montessori Progreso

It is very hard to believe that our little one year adventure has turned into this! We are still enrolled in the Montessori school run by Debbie here in Progreso. I believe that our boys will finish grade 6 in this little school before we have to decide which of the other schools they will […]

School Spring Fiesta

Evan and Noah had their Spring Festival Dance in early April. What a crazy night for the boys! First they had their spring fiesta for school. Evan was the King for the dance and did a fabulous job. (videos to follow another time). Noah was a farmer and was awesome dancing with his famous “Noah […]

International Kite boarding Competition in Progreso

An international kite boarding competition was held off the beaches of Progreso on the weekend. This event brought in many kite boarders and a lot of people to watch the events. We managed to watch a few of the events on Saturday and it was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. Evan and Noah […]

Guitar Lessons at Casa de la Cultura in Progreso

Play the song as you read the text and watch the slide show. Over the summer, the boys started to learn to play guitar from their cousin Taylor in Calgary. Now that we are back in Progreso, we wanted to continue the lessons for them. Our friend, Joaquin, found us guitar lessons at the Casa […]

Semana Santa in Progreso with family

Yayyy, we were sure lucky to be able to have Grammy, Lisa, and Cade visiting us while the fair in Progreso was happening for Semana Santa. Our house is a very short walk from the main malecon in Progreso and very close to the festivities! We wandered over to the fair one evening so that […]

El Corchito in Progreso, Yucatan Ecological Park

Yes, right here in Progreso, we have a small ecological park called “El Corchito” and it is home to many different animals. Most common to see is the Mapache (racoon), flamingoes, different species of birds, the odd crocodile, and of course cuati. To get to this little island located just outside the town of Progreso, […]

Roof top view of Progreso

One afternoon, when we were getting our roof fixed in Progreso, we managed to all run up the ladder and have a great view of the city of Progreso! The ladder was quite a tricky little thing to reach our roof and we actually had to have the workers fix it for us before we […]

Boys first week of Soccer in Chixculub!

Yayyy, we finally found a soccer team that kind of fits with our ‘hectic’ schedule here in Progreso! By hectic, I mean something that does not interfere with laying in the hammock or our siestas – which are quite often the same thing. We are playing on a field just outside of Progreso on the […]

MultiRed Computer Repair in Progreso, Yucatan

It was not long into the first year in Progreso that we were in need of computer repairs! Even though I had brought most of my IT stuff with me and able to restore hard drives that may not be accessible to many people, there are still problems where you need more help! I should […]

Noah’s Kindergarten Graduation! moving up to Grade 1

Noah has moved up to grade 1! We are so proud of the little guy and can’t believe that time is flying so quickly. Noah had a fabulous year in K3 in Mexico and absolutely loved his teacher, Andrea; his classmates, Javiar, Jonatan, Desiree, and Daniel; and of course the Montessori school run by Debbie. […]

Progreso Carnaval 2012 Parade

We were lucky enough to stumble upon another parade in Progreso, Yucatan at the end of Carnaval 2012. I had just taken the boys for Chinese food in centro, which is really quite good and Noah likes it because it is very fast! Super Fast, as he likes to say. Anyways, as we left the […]

Progreso Montessori Carnaval School Parade and Dance

Thursday, February 16th was the Progreso Montessori’s time to walk in the parade to central park and perform the dance they had been working on for weeks. After performing excellently in the dress rehearsal the night before at the school, many of the children were very nervous about performing in front of the entire town […]

Carnival 2012 Progreso Montessori School King & Queen Crowning Ceremony

On Wednesday, February 15th 2012 the king and queen of the Progreso Montessori school were crowned for Carnival 2012! This event crowned classmates Adian and Kelly as the king and queen and was a sneak peak for family and friends to see the children dance in full costume before the main parade and dance the […]

Christmas 2011

Our first family Christmas in Progreso, Mexico was celebrated with Lyn’s mom who made the trip from Calgary to stay with us over the holidays. Our goal this Christmas was to concentrate on new traditions like chicken burritos and stuffed poblano peppers for dinner, family game night with the super fabulous Mexican Monopoly, and spending […]

Yakunah Restaurant Progreso

We have had several meals at the Yakunah Hotel in Progreso. This restaurant is located on the east side of Progreso past the end of the Malecon on Calle 21 just past the Montessori School and is one block from the beach. Basically you drive east on Calle 21 and go until the road changes […]

Traditional Festival Of Christmas Tree Lighting 2011 at Independence Park Progreso

On Friday, December 2, 2o11 we attended Progreso’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting festival. More than 2000 people attended this event from the Yucatan. There was a story going on through out the festival “La Gaviota y el Ángel de la Navidad” y la llegada al pesebre del Niño Dios, (english translation: “The Seagull and the […]

Progreso Cemetario

Today, I took Evan on a little adventure to see the cemetery in Progreso before the ‘Dias de los Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) which is holiday in Mexico focusing on family and friends gathering to pray and remember their loved ones. This is a two day holiday in Mexico celebrated on November 1 & […]

Canadian Thanksgiving in Progreso

Last week we decided we would cook a turkey and have our newly found Canadian friends over for a little Thanksgiving Day turkey Canadian style. Dinner was fabulous and special thanks to everyone for bringing an amazing dish and helping make the day memorable. We were a little worried about cooking the turkey in a […]

Eladio’s Restaurante & Bar

Feature Picture: Sopa de Lima, which was really really good! Evan & I shared this soup and it was quite a meal. I believe you have to accept this establishment as it is: a busy tourist location which is fabulous for people watching, having some beverages, and enjoying their botanas. Eladio’s has to be one […]

Progreso on a Sunday

Another day at the beach! Today at 1pm I decided that I would go on a little adventure. I am not sure why I chose the hottest part of the day to walk along the beach for an hour and a half, but hey I needed to sweat a little bit. Of course when asked, […]

Progreso Fair

On Thursday night we went to the fair in Progreso which operates every day from July to sometime in August (nobody really knows when the last day is!). There are a lot of rides for the kids to go on, even some fast ones for the older kids. The biggest hit with our boys was […]

Beach Week

Well, it has been just over a week in our new home and we are beginning to settle in. We just had our friends over for an afternoon of swimming and relaxing and watched the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. Really, a pretty good way to spend a day! Without going on any […]

Los Compadres Tacos – Comida Mexicana

Well, we had to eat at the restaurant claiming to have ‘Comida Mexicana’ (Mexican Food!) and were pleasantly surprised! This restaurant has specific hours and is not open for lunch ever. The menu has a wide variety of items, however the items we were there for was the tacos. They have an entire page of […]

Restaurante El Gallito

The Restaurante El Gallito is located just a couple of blocks away from the malecon in Progreso. Lyn & I first discovered it one day when wandering around the town waiting for the boys to finish school and we were starving. We had never before experienced a “Cocina Economica” but this one looked pretty clean […]

BBQ in Progreso

Today was our second day in Progreso and we are starting to get organized. After buying a lot of home ‘basics’ at the local bodega, which even after we went back to the local stores, we found better pricing at the bodega on just about everything. The bodega store is like a wal-mart but less […]

Progreso ~ Gulf of Mexico

Today, our plan was to take the boys to school and then go sit in a park in Progreso and read. Somehow on our walk from the school to downtown we decided we would try out the public transportation system in Progreso to where we will be living. Well, this seemed easy enough getting there […]

Market at Progreso

Today, while our boys were at their first day of summer school in Progreso, we had a chance to explore the main food market and malecon (boardwalk). It was of course another cruise ship day, and the port was very busy with tourists. We cannot wait to see the town on a day a cruise […]

Progreso bus trip from Merida

Today we got up and took the 35 minute bus ride to Progreso from Centro Merida for only 16 pesos each. The bus, which is considered 2nd class I believe, is actually very comfortable and has air conditioning and tv’s. Not that you want your 5 and 7 year old watching the movies they are […]

Busride to Progresso from Centro Merida

We got on the bus to Progreso in downtown Merida at the corner of Calle 64 and 57, white bus auto progreso directo which you have to flag down to make sure the driver stops for you. This bus is a ‘directo’ which basically means it will go direct from centro to Progreso. It does […]

Beach Front Rental

Well after looking at over 25 homes to rent this week all over Merida we have finally found one that we both agree on! We have decided the community of Progreso, just 15 minutes outside of Merida, is the best spot for us to experience Mexico for the upcoming year. We found a home which […]


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