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Sotuta de Peon Hacienda tour and lunch

Wow, we finally went to the Sotuta de Peon working hacienda! It was fantastic and I hope to bring more people in the future. The drive there was quite exciting…they are doing a lot of road construction by Tecoh which is where you might have seen signs for the hacienda. Alas, there were no signs […]

Hacienda San Eduardo Dzemul

So our second stop of the day was to visit Hacienda San Eduardo near Telchac Pueblo in a town called Dzemul. Francisco’s father brought us all to the local hacienda so that we could explore the area. I am not sure if this location is open for tours, but he went and got the person […]

Pumpkin Carving at the Hacienda in Mexico

Last week-end we were invited to our friends annual Pumpkin Carving party! Every family had to bring one pumpkin to carve however they wanted to and then prizes were awarded to each pumpkin. We let the children design and cut their own this year with a little help from the parents. Most kids did not […]

Hacienda Christmas Party

After our tour of Izamal, we drove the ‘back-way’ to Suma to visit our friends at their new hacienda. We were supposed to arrive at 3pm, but we were late (sorry Dana!). We did text at 3pm on the dot to inform them of our decision to tour Izamal a little longer and to see […]


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