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This school was fabulous! A must see for everyone looking to have their children enrolled in a bilingual school in Merida.

A visit to their website, which can be viewed in English, is a must. They have a video walk through which really shows you what the school looks like. Although the swimming pool is not operational at this time, they have a hole dug for it and hopefully in the next couple of years they have a swimming program.

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  1. Yolonda says:

    Hi there, I’ve just checked the website you posted for Alianz, but there isn’t anything that I can find in English and it gives very little information about classes, no costs, not much of anything really. Is it possible that you put up the wrong link? The school you describe sounds ideal but I can’t seem to get any information on it. Can you please let me know your thoughts.


    • Kurt says:

      Hi, this link takes you to their current website. If you are using Google Chrome it will automatically translate it for you. The site is not built in English. You will need to contact them directly for school costs and more information.
      We have friends who have children attending this school and they love it. If your children and you know Spanish, this school is a great place. If everyone is very new to Spanish, it can be a tricky environment to be in.

  2. Wendy says:

    Hello, I see this link is old but yet am moving to Merida this summer and am looking at this school Alianz. Is there anybody that can give me an updated view on this school or a contact with kids in this school? From corresponding with the school it does seem great however I have not visited or spoken with actual parents that have experience with this school

    Thank You

    • Kurt says:

      Hi Wendy, unfortunately we did not go to this school but we do have friends who have children attending. I am not sure exactly what you would like to hear about the school. There are pros and cons to every school everywhere. I just asked my wife yesterday about our upcoming decision regarding 7th grade schools and we are very unsure. Our only thought was that there is really no sure way to know until you look back and say “wow, that was a great decision we made” or “wow, despite everything we did to research the new school, boy did we ever make a mistake”. If you would like to pose some questions for us, I can get the answers for you from them – or put you in touch with our friends. But what we have seen is no school anywhere fits everyones individual needs.
      Good luck with your upcoming move!

      • Wendy says:

        Hello Kurt,

        For the moment I think Alianz is our first choice for both kids we will visit the school when we arrive in about three weeks and hope our visit is a positive one. I am looking for feedback of any kind good or bad. I assume they have a lot of Foreign kids so they should be well excepted in the school and I hope there is not to much bullying but then again can be found in any school. It seems they have a lot to offer I just hope also the help needed for students not speaking Spanish yet and just starting to learn. May I ask what schools you are doubting between?

        Thanks Wendy

        • Kurt says:

          We like the personal feel of some of the other schools. We did not like seeing parents drive up to a gate to let their children out one by one and admitted by security. We also did not like the process in reverse when you wait in a line up of cars to have someone call your child out from the waiting area when it was your turn. However the security this offers is fantastic. We like being able to talk to our teachers every day or the owner of the school if we want to. We found that many schools in Merida that we toured advertised bilingual but when we went for tours, we had to bring our own translator as no one at the school spoke English — even though our interviews were set up two weeks in advance for us. I do not know the number of foreign kids attending that school right now. When we looked at it, years ago, I believe they said in the school there would 6 or 8 English speaking students but none of them were in the same grade or classroom as our children would be. We felt a smaller environment would be better for our boys to learn Spanish.

          Do you have a tour scheduled for the school when you arrive? Will there be students in it when you are here due to the summer holidays? It is a beautiful school and we loved it, but it would be great to see it in operation with students. Be sure to ask about the extra curricular components and the homework expectations.

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