La Feria Yucatán en Xmatkuil

The school field trip to Xmatkuil fair happened today. Everyone at the Montessori school loaded up in the big tour busses and headed off for the day. First stop was the circus – which was animal free this time. The circus acts were funny for the little kids and afterwards we went to the small top tent next to the big top and the kids were allowed to learn how the acrobats did everything in their acts. Tight rope walking, swinging, juggling, uni-cycle, etc.

Afterwards we did a tour of the grounds finding many interesting things. This year, we did not do a lot of rides, but the boys chose to do paintball instead. This was their first time playing paintball and it was in a nice small enclosed area. Of course, this does not protect you from the paint balls! They really enjoyed it and did not seem to mind getting hit by the tiny projectiles.

Once again, we really enjoyed the day spent at La Feria Yucatán en Xmatkuil.

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