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Plaza Grande ~ Merida en Domingo

On our last day in Merida, we decided to venture to the Plaza Grande for a couple of hours to see things we had not seen already. After watching a couple of Yucatecans play chess in the park Evan was invited to play a game! This was his first game aside from playing his brother […]

Merida en Domingo

Artisan Market – every Sunday (9am-9pm) An outdoor handcraft market and food festival on the Plaza Grande at Santa Lucia Park & Hidalgo Park. This is a wonderful place to view local artisans and their crafts. Many booths are set up throughout the park, which is fairly well shaded by booth trees and the booths […]

Plaza Grande – Sunday Market

A must see for all who come to Merida. The Plaza Grande turns into a market with vendors, street performers, and food. Food ranged from your typical market food to banana chips, fresh fruit cups, and of course who does not like wieners & fries. While we were there, a street perfomance of the Little […]


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