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Chicxulub Food Bank Newsletter September 2013

We are back to helping Sharon with the Chicxulub Food Bank this year and are very excited to meet new people involved with the program. It has been an interesting two years as we watch the families involved in the food bank change and develop. Children that were newborns are now running around as toddlers. […]

Foodbank Chixculub, Yucatan

Yesterday was the “Dia de Maestros” in the Yucatan so the boys did not have school and were able to come with me to help Sharon at the Chixculub Foodbank. This is a great opportunity for them to learn about the needs of the people who live in the Yucatan who may need more help. […]

Canada Day and Fourth of July Picnic 2013 Progreso, Yucatan

The Canada Day and 4th of July Picnic will be held at the Casa de Malecon restaurant in Progreso, Yucatan on Tuesday, July 2nd from 4 to 8pm this year! The benefits from this bbq will go to support the charities of the International Women’s Club and the Merida Men’s Club. Tickets will be available […]


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