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Evan’s 8th Bday in Mexico and Easter Week-end

Evan has been having his birthday ‘week’ since the end of March when he had his school birthday party. Because we have been on holidays now for two weeks, he has had the chance to have lots of play times with friends. On the day before his birthday we went to Peter Piper’s Pizza and […]

Panchos Birthday Extravaganza part 2

Tonight we went to Pancho’s to continue our birthday extravaganza! Grandma & Grandpa wanted to take us out for a very special birthday dinner for all of us to celebrate all our birthdays at one time. Evan chose the restaurant Panchos as it has his favorite Sopa de Lima and we were all looking forward […]

Noah’s 6th Birthday

Noah has definitely had his birthday week! On the day before his birthday we went first to the Cuzama Cenotes and then to the VIP Theater in AltaBrisa Mall and watched TinTin from the comfort of the lazyboy recliners. He definitely enjoyed the nachos, although he is not fond of 3D movies, he liked the […]


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