Noah’s 6th Birthday

Noah has definitely had his birthday week! On the day before his birthday we went first to the Cuzama Cenotes and then to the VIP Theater in AltaBrisa Mall and watched TinTin from the comfort of the lazyboy recliners. He definitely enjoyed the nachos, although he is not fond of 3D movies, he liked the movie as did the rest of us. The VIP Theater here has menus which you order from and somebody brings your items to your seat. Everyone was too full from dinner to order extra popcorn or snacks during the movie but Kayla almost pushed the button just to try it. It is always enjoyable to see the expressions on peoples faces as they experience the total VIP Cinema experience in Merida.

Noah woke up an managed to very quickly open several presents from Kayla and Grammy before rushing off to school. His party at school was not today, but instead we had it on Friday, January 6th which is Three Kings Day in Mexico and is actually a very huge celebration.

Peter Pipers Pizza Lunch

For his birthday celebration Noah wanted to take the family to Peter Pipers Pizza in City Center. This is much like a Chuck’e’Cheese at home with many games and coupons to be ‘cashed’ in to win valuable prizes. We arrived on the Tuesday afternoon at about 2:30 pm and basically had the place to ourselves ~ it was fantastic! Not only was Tuesday the 2 FOR 1 coupon buying day, we were early enough to avoid the rush of birthday parties scheduled for 5pm. I am not sure who had more fun: Noah and Evan as they raced around trying to collect as many tickets as possible to trade in for their dream prize or Kayla and Ian as they tried to dominate all the games. Kayla certainly collected a bunch on Deal or No Deal. Noah preferred the slow and steady approach of rolling the ball up the ramp to the holes and collecting his 8 tickets a game! We finally had almost enough to trade in all 2000 tickets to get the game Yahtzee, Kayla had to go back and win a little bit more to make up the difference.

Friday School Party

At about 10:30am Lyn & I went to the school where Lyn finished making the “Dirt & Worms” concoction for all the kids instead of traditional cake and I stuffed 30 bags with candy for the older kids who would not be participating in the Pinata smashing.

Promptly at 11 the kindergartens, grade 1 & 2’s were brought to the courtyard where the Spiderman pinata was hung. Lining up with the birthday boy in the front of the line, they are given the little wooden stick and the singing commences. They are allowed to beat the pinata until the song ends at which time it is the next childs turn. The singing was not quite as loud as I expected it to be, but it seems the older kids know the words better and sing much louder than the younger kids.

After the pinata was broken and all the candy shaken out by Debbie, Lyn proceeded to serve, with the help of Lidia, all the children “De Tierra y Los Gusanos.” A chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and of course gummy worms in little cups for every kid. This was a fantastic idea (thanks Dana) and everyone really enjoyed them.

Noah got many gifts from children in his class – THANK YOU! He really seemed to enjoy his first birthday in Mexico as you can see from the pictures below.

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