Ares walks on glass


A little while ago, I took some fantastic pictures of one of our kittens walking on the wall in our backyard. We had always heard that the broken bottles on tops of walls in Mexico were not only a determent for keeping people out, but also for keeping stray cats out of your yard. Hmmmmm, not sure our cat got that memo! Just the day earlier I caught Ares actually lying on the glass napping in the afternoon sun.

However, her days of glass walking have come to an end as it appears as though she lost a fight with several broken pieces of glass. We bandaged her up as best we could the night before taking her to the vet across the street, Beatrice, who is fabulous. After anesthetics and 14 stitches to her back leg and paw, she was ready to come back home again. Total cost: 350 pesos! After recovering with a bandage on for a week, Ares is doing well. She does not go on the walls any more, so we are hoping she has learned her lesson.

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  1. Deb and Gunner says:

    And hopefully she taught the lesson to Evan and Noah too! What a beautiful cat.

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