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Animaya with Grandma & Grandpa

We finally had the opportunity to visit Animaya in Merida with Grandma and Grandpa! Last year when we tried to go it was closed…it is always closed on Mondays! This year when Grandma and Grandpa visited us, we made sure to go on a day it was open. Animaya is a fantastic place to go […]

Animaya Zoo Merida Yucatan

Last week we visited the Animaya Zoo in Merida, Yucatan with Dorota, Mateus and Sophia. Dorota is actually a zoologist who worked at the San Diego Wild Animal Park with the animals and we really appreciated the comments from somebody who actually knew about the animals and the care they were provided. Animaya is FREE […]

Centario Zoo in Merida

Evan and Noah love going to the zoo with their cousin YaYa and her boyfriend Ian and have been waiting somewhat patiently for their arrival to take them to our zoo in Merida. We did arrive a little late in the afternoon and the animal portion of the park closed shortly after our arrival which […]

Parque Del Centenario – School Zoo trip

Today we went on a school field trip to the zoo in Merida. We were very lucky and did not have to catch the bus from Merida to Progreso but instead we got to sleep in a little bit and then walk over 6 blocks to meet the rest of the summer school children. We […]

Zoologico en Merida

Today, we decided we would walk to the zoo, which is really just around the corner… Unfortunately I relied on my iPhone for directions and it took us on a shortcut which was almost twenty blocks out of our way, it did get us to the right street – just 20 blocks north of the […]


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