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Oxkintok Ruins west of Merida

After our gruelling day crawling around in the grutas of Calcehtok we went to the nearby ruins of Oxkintok, which are located just west of Merida in the Yucatan. These ruins are great for local ruins and we were pleasantly surprised at how big the area was. We will definitely return, but next time we […]

Peter Piper Pizza Merida for Evan’s BDAY from Grammy!

Grammy wanted to take us all to Peter Piper’s Pizza in City Center for Evan’s birthday. Our final guests for the week had just arrived around midnite the night before, with Kayla and Jacob surprising Evan & Noah in their sleep! The boys were pretty sure they were still dreaming when they woke up to […]

Ice Skating Liverpool Mall Merida

We have started going ice skating at Liverpool Mall in Merida. Whoever thought that we would try to teach our boys how to skate in Mexico! We are trying to do this every week, but sometimes it is hard to leave the pool! However, when we do get there, the boys love it.I am going […]

Taekwondo exam – Evan and Noah

Evan and Noah participated in their second Taekwondo exam in Merida at the Bancario complex in early March. Evan was going for his yellow belt, and Noah was just leveling up. Noah’s next exam will be for his yellow belt. Each of the exams cost 600 pesos. Their instructor, Andre, was the person giving commands […]

Carnaval 2012 Merida Parade

Carnaval Nueva Era 2012 Merida, Yucatan was an amazing opportunity to see fantastic costumes, dancing, and parades throughout the streets of Merida. This years festivities ran from the 15th to the 22nd of February and is one of the most important holidays in Mexico. More than 2500 dancers competed for first place as they displayed […]

Panchos Birthday Extravaganza part 2

Tonight we went to Pancho’s to continue our birthday extravaganza! Grandma & Grandpa wanted to take us out for a very special birthday dinner for all of us to celebrate all our birthdays at one time. Evan chose the restaurant Panchos as it has his favorite Sopa de Lima and we were all looking forward […]

Xplosion Diversion Xtrema – Birthday Extavaganza part 1

Xplosion Diversion Xtrema! how fun is this!! After the Portugal Circus left the Chedraui parking lot in Merida, we thought it would be some time before another event was set up, boy were we wrong. Immediately after cleaning up the circus, Xplosion Diversion Xtrema moved into town. Just to give you an idea, take every […]

House & Garden Tour Merida ~ behind the facade

Today we had the pleasure of going on the House & Garden Tour hosted by Keith Heitke on behalf of the Merida English Library. While we had heard fantastic reviews on this tour when we first visited Merida last February from people staying at the Cascadas de Merida bed and breakfast, for some reason we […]

Merida City Bus Tour

I believe that when you have visitors to the city of Merida, it is very important to put them on the City Bus Tour. It is a tour we did when we first started to explore the city of Merida and it really gives you a grasp of where things are and some of the […]

Gran Jirafas Merida Yucatan Restaurant

We have now stopped to eat at Gran Jirafas in Merida two different times and enjoyed dinners both times. This restaurant is located just off the Paseo de Montejo in Merida north of the new underpass on the right side of the road. Very friendly and accommodating staff and if you need them to, several […]

The Bullfight: Corrida de Toros Merida

On Sunday, December 11th we followed through with our decision to attend a bullfight in Merida at the Plaza de Toros. This was a decision the entire family made together to see an event which may not always exist. I know that it is difficult to believe a 5 year old and a 7 year […]

Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil 2011 – Yucatan Fair

The Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil 2011 is currently in its last week and ran from November 11 and ends on December 4. The 37th annual Yucatán traditional annual fair located outside of Merida is expecting 2,100,000 people who will be able to enjoy more than 2000 artistic and recreational events, and more than 1000 exhibitors who […]

Cafe Peon Contreras

On Saturday, October 29 we went to Merida to see the Dia de los Muertos festivities. The restaurant Lyn chose was located right off Calle 60 where the procession walked by in the Corazon de Merida (Heart of Merida). Cafe Peon Contreras is one of the restaurants where on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights the […]

Bica Ruta Merida on Sundays

La Bici Ruta – every Sunday (8am-12:30pm) A stretch of more than 5 kilometers of Merida roads are closed to traffic, allowing families the opportunity to ride their bikes throughout the downtown area. The Bici Ruta goes from La Ermita de Santa Isabel, north to the San Juan Park to the Main Plaza on Calle […]

Merida House

Because we could not get into our Progreso home until August 1st we decided to rent a home from Ellyne & Chucho who own Cascadas de Merida, the bed and breakfast we stayed at in February on our first visit. For guests wanting to stay longer than a week at their b&b, they have a […]

Calgary to Merida

When we were searching for information on Merida we came across a blog called EightSuitCasesAndADream… I am not sure if they really did the move of a family of four with only eight suitcases. Our family decided that number should be 8 full size 50lb suitcases and another 8 carry-ons. Lyn still says she was […]

Montessori Lancaster

If your children have been exposed to the Montessori school system, then this school is definitely worth looking at. Our fear at this school for our children, who have little to no Spanish, was that it seemed only one or two people spoke English. Our concern was that in such a difficult transition, communication will […]

The American School

This school was very difficult to find, if you look at a map and follow the street directions… however, if you take a leap of faith and say “hey, it must be over there” you will probably be right. This school was a little disappointing to us, with only 2 cars in the school parking […]

Bus Tour

Our first adventure was to see the city, Ellyne set us up with a city bus tour and recommended the ‘knocked out school bus’ which would enable us to tour the city without any hindrances like pushing power lines and tree branches out of our way (hence not taking the double decker bus tour). Ellyne […]


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