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First day of school 2014 Montessori Progreso

It is very hard to believe that our little one year adventure has turned into this! We are still enrolled in the Montessori school run by Debbie here in Progreso. I believe that our boys will finish grade 6 in this little school before we have to decide which of the other schools they will […]

Progreso Montessori Halloween fiesta!

Happy Halloween! Today was the much anticipated halloween party at the Montessori school in Progreso. The boys, as always, were very excited for this holiday and all the candy that comes with it! This year, they both wanted to be creepers from the game Minecraft. I had found the creeper heads in Calgary this summer […]

Montessori School Spring Festival Fiesta

The Montessori School had a Spring Festival this year instead of participating in the traditional Carnival celebrations. The kids were all dressed up and practiced their singing and dancing at the school for this event. Evan and Noah were very excited: Noah because he loves to dance; and Evan because he got to do cartwheels! […]

Noah’s Kindergarten Graduation! moving up to Grade 1

Noah has moved up to grade 1! We are so proud of the little guy and can’t believe that time is flying so quickly. Noah had a fabulous year in K3 in Mexico and absolutely loved his teacher, Andrea; his classmates, Javiar, Jonatan, Desiree, and Daniel; and of course the Montessori school run by Debbie. […]

Montessori Halloween Party

It was Evan & Noah’s first big school party today for Halloween. Evan was Link, a character from the video game Zelda. Noah was Kai, a ninja from lego Ninjago. Both of their costumes were made by Modista Gina, a local seamstress who was recommended by Debbie at the school. Lyn just showed her a […]

First day of school! quiet at last :)

Today was the boys first day of school! Both boys were very excited but actually went to sleep fairly early and woke up in great moods. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes and fresh strawberries they were ready to be on their way, except for the photo shoot I had arranged for them. The pictures […]

Progreso bus trip from Merida

Today we got up and took the 35 minute bus ride to Progreso from Centro Merida for only 16 pesos each. The bus, which is considered 2nd class I believe, is actually very comfortable and has air conditioning and tv’s. Not that you want your 5 and 7 year old watching the movies they are […]

Montessori School ~ Progreso

MONTESSORI PRIVATE SCHOOL Located one block from the beach in Progreso, Yucatan Mexico, (Calle 56 x21 y23) and just a short drive to Merida, this is a fully accredited Montessori school for kindergarten thru grade 6. This is a well established and fully equipped school, complete with 7 teacher employees and a Principal administrator. Included […]

Alianz School

This school was fabulous! A must see for everyone looking to have their children enrolled in a bilingual school in Merida. A visit to their website, which can be viewed in English, is a must. They have a video walk through which really shows you what the school looks like. Although the swimming pool is […]

St. Patrick’s School

This was one of the first schools we visited. The school is fairly tiny but is looking to build a second floor so that it can add more grades in the future. This looks like a fabulous pre-school and kindergarten facility, and is making the step into primary grades. There is a spacious play area […]

Montessori Lancaster

If your children have been exposed to the Montessori school system, then this school is definitely worth looking at. Our fear at this school for our children, who have little to no Spanish, was that it seemed only one or two people spoke English. Our concern was that in such a difficult transition, communication will […]

The American School

This school was very difficult to find, if you look at a map and follow the street directions… however, if you take a leap of faith and say “hey, it must be over there” you will probably be right. This school was a little disappointing to us, with only 2 cars in the school parking […]

Cumbres School in Merida

One of the last schools we looked at was the Cumbres school for boys. We had heard lots of good things about this school and had to have it on our list to see to ensure we were making the correct decision. This school was beautiful, and while it is a Catholic school, they welcome […]

School Search

Our major mission while visiting Merida was to find a school for our boys to attend in the fall. We choose from a list of schools that we found on Yucatan Living and these schools included: Alianz, The Workshop, IMA, St. Patricks, American school, Montessori Lancaster, and Cumbres. Click on link to discover what we […]


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