Plaza Grande ~ Merida en Domingo

On our last day in Merida, we decided to venture to the Plaza Grande for a couple of hours to see things we had not seen already. After watching a couple of Yucatecans play chess in the park Evan was invited to play a game! This was his first game aside from playing his brother or myself and he did pretty good. The gentleman he was playing was very nice and helpful.If anyone knows where we can get this portable chess board with plastic pieces we need one!

We were there in time to see the kids street show sing-a-long featuring: Woody, Jessie, Barney, Sponge Bob, Little Mermaid, and others.

Then we had a look in the Cathedral, Catedral de San Ildefonso, which was the biggest church the boys have ever seen. Lining the floors of the church around the outside was all stamped floor tiles where people have been buried, most of them dated pre-1900. The church itself is massive and the pictures I took do not do it justice.

After we toured the church and the museo de MACAY (see other post), we had a quick lunch at Burger King, as this is the last fast food we will get to have for a while. Then we decided to take a carriage ride to Mercado Luis de Galvez. They originally quoted us 150 pesos but Lyn negotiated the price to 100 pesos for the 15 minute ride. It was nice to take the carriage because it allowed us to see a lot of the stores along the way as compared to taking a taxi. You might ask, “why didn’t you just walk…” well because it was HOT!

Our only purpose at the market was to find Noah and myself a change purse like Evan’s. Of course we didn’t buy one two weeks ago when Evan bought his, but since I have been using his since then I had to get one to. Noah found the one he liked right away but I of course couldn’t. It took us quite a while to find the exact booth Evan had purchased his from and we had almost given up when we found it. Now Evan can have his coin purse back and I have my own.

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  1. Grandma and Grandpa says:

    Grandpa Bill would be so pleased to know that Evan has begun to play chess. Grandpa Gunner thinks he should be able to find a chess game at Walmart. This would probably be much cheaper than having us mail one to Mexico. Loved the carriage that you took and the church is grande. Good place to be on a Sunday, I might add!

  2. Robin says:

    Portable Chess Game- You can make one Kurt, like Ben and I did with snakes and ladders when he was a small boy and we couldn’t afford to buy one. Ours is a cardboard one and we bought the men from a second hand store. It is still in very good condition as we kept it in our magazine rack all these years.
    Many people can send you the plastic men if you can’t get them there. You could use a light cardboard (manilla tag) then tape it with that wide transparent tape, to make it last.
    Wish you wanted a marble one!

    Your writing is humorous and I often find myself chuckling.
    You saw a kids street show? Neat! Do you find these often?

    That’s funny about the change purse. Sounds like me. I try not to spend money, and I usually phone Glen to see if he thinks its a good idea. When he keeps quiet I take that as a ‘no’. Then I do as you, hunt all over, usually never finding it again or paying twice the price.

    If there is somewhere I can just write to you without it being posted on here, I would.
    ]You may see mom’s adventures and her conversation as humorous the way your mom does.

    The outside of the church, the picture that shows the little buildings beneath the window (door with a barred railing), is a freise?? We saw things like that in central Arizona, and in New Mexico. It is so intricately carved.
    It’s neat how the roof is flat for walking on. The bell tower reminds me of the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. I wonder if there are stairs up that high.

    Humungous colonnades, a pipe organ also? It’s got marvelous carving! I wonder who was responsible for this. Jesus’ father Joseph was a decorative carpenter whose wares were sought after. I wonder if he did such lovely work? Might this be copied in a future home or business of yours?

    I keep thinking I can just view the pictures in their small form, but each time I enlargen them I’m so glad I did.
    I like that built in China (statue) cupboard. The church is still in use. What time period was it built in? I studied a little of this in college and tried my hand at some of the pottery from the Bysantine Period.

    The idea of inscribed tiles must be from something old like this. Stony Plain has memorial, and business tiles in the gazebo outside of the Chamber of Commerce; Mom has dedicated 3 tiles to us three sisters at Crossroads, and the Kelowna hospital has ingraved stainless steel birds in flight honoring loved ones.

    Oh, I love the place you went to find the change purses. There is a beautiful light green building in the background. I love the white dresses with flowers. I wouldn’t be able to have a white one though, as my dogs would stain it at the first jump. val bought a dark green one like this when they were in ??. When we were in Mexico we were only at the mission and the village close by where there was nothing to buy, but a few times in Oregon and Washington I have been able to buy pretty dresses. I’m definitely not a Canadian at heart, as i really don’t like the buildings here, the furniture, or the clothes. And I don’t find the type of shops or restaurant furnishings to be my style either. In New Mexico I entered a restaurant that had painted wooden chairs. All of them were bright merry colors, many with raised flowers. I felt right at home. My mother in law would have desparetly (sp) said, ” You have the taste of a Ukrainian”.
    More blouses with floral motifs. With the tiny people there, they wouldn’t have Plus sizes I guess.

    Merida’s Big Ben replica?

    The carriage adorned with flowers is so welcoming. I notice there is a ‘hurricane light’, much the same as the CPR’s ones.

    Don’t you just love the colorful buildings!

    The canned hams say the same as ours! “picnic”
    Is that Lyn back we see, with the green/teal/black dress? Great Taste!
    Bubble gum machine- wonder why it hasn’t been picked up by some teen. Construction cones the same as here. But what about the pipe that opens up to the sky? A plumbing vent?

    Hmmm, it’s been a very good visit tonight. You better think twice before you tell you mom you want comments on your trip. I get so excited about ‘travelling’ with you, since I can’t do it myself. I love the Spanish people that I have met. I’m sorry to say, I have truly lost all my spanish, as I don’t recognize any wording.

    Last night mom enjoyed the water holes (ca……) etc. but tired too quickly to dictate a note. She laughed at your humor and loved the pictures of your boys.

    Till the next time, my love and best wishes

    • Kurt says:

      Hello Robin!
      You can continue to post comments here, I read them before I post them to the site for everyone to see. Sometimes I edit them a little bit if it is too personal or crazy… If you have stuff you want to say to just us, then just email me.
      You can also find us on Skype if you want to have a live conversation with us,

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