Liverpool Mall in Merida


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A major mall in the northern communities of Merida, located just off the Motejo road, on the way from centro to Progreso. While not as big as Altabrisa Mall, this mall has Liverpool, a high end store like the Bay, many outlet stores, a casino, and of course what mall would be complete without having a skating rink in the middle of the mall!

We have so far been unable to find a ‘toys r us’ but have stumbled onto the store “Juguetibici” which seems similar while being completely different. We did discover a spot where kids line up to get their hair cut, each chair is set up to face their own wii or xBox to play while getting their hair cut. This mall does have a food court consisting of places not normally seen in north American malls. As we were hungry we tried out Chili’s, which is exactly the same as back home.

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