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Last night we decided to pop over to one of the biggest malls in Merida, Altebrisa. This mall is your typical North American mall complete with high end stores, including an iShop store (anything Mac you might ever need!). We choose this mall to day because we had heard about the VIP Cinema which we had to check out! So when you walk in to the theatre entrance there is two spots to buy tickets from, the VIP area and the main theatre area. In the VIP station, you quickly pay your 100pesos each and choose which Lazy-boy reclining leather seats you would like. Then you enter the VIP concession area and are seated at comfy tables where a waiter gets you your pre-movie beverages and food. While we could have had pizza or sushi, Lyn had a strawberry crepe and I had a club sandwich on a bagutte with fires and a coke. When we entered the theatre, we walked by a display of their feature food and snacks for the evening that could be prepared and served to you in the theatre to your chair, which had trays that swung around conveniently for you food. Yes I did in fact play with the tray for a while as it seemed to spin and go anywhere I would like it to be. Having already eaten, we summoned over one of 7 servers, to order our medium popcorn for 36 pesos ($2.94CDN) and several minutes later a food runner brought us our popcorn! The movie, which we cannot remember the name of now, started and was in English with Spanish subtitles which is a great way to learn new words.

Overall a fantastic movie night out!

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  1. lfmadmin says:

    thank you for your nice comments! we can’t wait to get back down there to continue writing about Merida!

  2. lfmadmin says:

    I will absolutely be updating the blog as the year progresses, looking forward to providing as much information as possible.

  3. Maxine says:

    This is exciting. My daughter was worried that the movies wouldn’t be English. We will go and catch a movie this summer then. Do they have all the new releases?

    You have a great blog.



    • Kurt says:

      Hi, we have found almost all of the movies are available in English except for cartoons which are always in Spanish. We try to look movies up on line to see what is playing where, but quite often when we arrive at a theater the times are different or the movie which we thought was in English is actually dubbed to Spanish. The important thing to know is that if it says SUBTITLE – it will be in ENGLISH and if it says DUBBED – it will be in Spanish. Even the theater in Progreso has movies in English.

      It seems to us that the newest movies are always available to see and the VIP theaters are fantastic!

      Enjoy the movies!

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